New war strategy in the Middle East

We committed Nazi acts – Aharon Zisling, Israel’s first agriculture minister.

With obvious military failure in Afganistan, Iraq and Pakistan and Zionist regime’s losing PR war – Tel Aviv is frantically pushing Obama’s Zionist-controlled administration to open a new war front against Islamic Iran, which it could use as a ‘smoke-screen’ to leash another genocide of innocent non-Jewish people of Gazzah and Lebanon.

Obama’s rhetoric for ‘dialogues’ with Iran, Syria Hizb’Allah, occupied Palestine, Pakistan, and his policy toward the rest of the Muslim world has long been exposed fraudulent by his actions. He is pursuing Bush’s Zionist agenda all the way. One doesn’t need a PhD to make his conclusion – what is stored for the Middle East in the near future?

IAEA director General, Mohamed ElBaradei, has made clear to the ZOGs that they don’t have to worry about “Iranian nuke”, because there are none and would not be none for many years to come. However, Obama and the ZOGs are insisting that another IAEA team should be despatched to Tehra carrying eye-glasses “Made in Israel’. A few months ago, the G8 governments in a meeting in Italy declared that Iran should not allowed to become a nuclear power – though they ignored the fact that Iran’s No.1 enemy, Israel, has a stockpile of 240-400 nuclear bombs, which the Zionist regime had threaten to use on the capital cities of its Arab neighboring countries. Obama, Bibi, Sarkozy, Brown and Markel have openly called for a “regime change” in Tehran. It’s no scret that Bush administration had put aside US$400 million for that purpose. Now, Washington is bragging about a “huge bomb” to scare the hell of anti-Zionist Mullahs in Iran.

While Zionists alway boast that Israel was created by the UN blessing – Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi) threatened that Israel will annex the West Bank if PA declared an independent Palestinian state via the United Nations. Bibi, while standing on the deck of Israel Navy ship INS Eilat on November 17, declared: “We are very much worried about a nuclear Iran”. Then he mentioned the Mossad false-flag operation of Israelis capturing a ship carrying Iranian arms to Hizb’Allah.

Israel through its control over the White House, Congress and Senate – has access to all US military bases (more than 200) in Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Kosova, Germany, Bosnia, Azerbaijan, Morocco, etc. Israel, thanks to Abbas, control offshore Gaza, which Israel Navy uses for the current total blockade of Gaza – in addition to Israel’s exploitation of offshore oil and fishing industry which is vital source of income for 1.5 million Gazzans.

On November 19, 2009 – Political Theatrics published a short history of Jewish terrorism (1937-1948) prior to the creation of the Zionist entity in Palestine by the western imperialists, under the title The Terror Which Begot Israel. It list how the European Jewish terrorists sexually abused and raped thousands of Muslim and Christian Palestinian girls most of whom were later slaughtered. In 1949, many of the Jewish terrorist groups, which sided with Nazis and Italian fascist regime, such as Irgun, Haganah, and Stern Gang were incorporated into Israel Occupation Force (IOF).

Henry Seigman in his column Israelis and Obama (The New York Times, November 1, 2009) wrote that Obama’s popularity has hit the bottom (6-10%) among Israelis. The Obama administration is bending backward to assure the Israelis that Obama is as much committed to Israel’s security as Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend, Bill Clinton. “Israeli do not oppose President Obama’s peace efforts because they dislike him; they dislike him because of his peace efforts. He will regain their affection only when he abandon these efforts”.

I would like to end this post by quoting a fearless and patriotic American writer, John Kaminski’s, views on Israel and Islamic Iran:

“When you read the history of Israel from objective sources, you discover that it is an outlaw state, created by the powers that be by stealing the land from its original inhabitants, and systematically exterminating them ever since”.

“I don’t know how many times I’he said to my friends – and they can verify it – “I wish we had a president as decent as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the current and outspoken president of Iran”. I mean just compare two men as human beings. Mr. Ahmadinejad seem like a decent guy from the neighborhood, trying to tell the truth while being trampled by the demonic Jewish spin machine. And here is Barack Obama (as have been all American presidents since U.S. Grant), revealing himself to the world as a lying pathological killer. Hey, which one would you choose?” – from the article The Beautiful Iranians.

One response to “New war strategy in the Middle East

  1. The following article has provided:

    1. The transcript of Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s October 2005 speech that Obama, McCain, Sarah Palin, Vice President Joe Biden, and corporate media contrive as Iran threatens to “wipe Israel off the map.”

    2. Video and interview evidence of the extent of criminal political and media propaganda conspiring for mass murder of Iranians.

    3. An analogy if these circumstances applied to China and the US.

    4. The appropriate legal response of US military, law enforcement, government employees, and American citizens to protect and defend the US Constitution.

    5. Request for citizen action for lawful acts under the US Constitution and international peace.

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