Reconstructing ‘Exodus’ myth

Canadian daily, The Toronto Star, reported on December 24 the death of the Polish Zionist Jew, Yitzhak ‘Ike’ Ahroovitch 86, who allegedly captained the Exodus 1947 ship carrying the so-called “4500 Holocaust survivors” (according to Dr. Norman Finkelstein every second Jew in Israel believes himself to be a Holocaust survivor, even though he has not left Israel all his life!!). According to Zionist records – The ship had escaped from a French port on July 11, 1947 and not from a German port.

The news took me back to an event on April 26, 2008 – when Israeli president Shimon Peres, and defence minister Ehud Barak alongwith 300 other mourners gathered in Tel Aviv’s London Park to pay tribute to the fallen member of Jewish terrorist militant group Haganah, Yossi Harel – for commanding the refugee ship Exodus 1947. In real life, Yossi Harel commanded four Haganah-owned vessels, transporting 24,000 illegal Jews from Europe to make Aliya to British mandated Palestine as part of World Zionist movement agenda to populate Palestine with foreign Jews for establishing a Zionist state in the future. One of these four vessels was the ‘Exodus 1947″, a refurbished excursion liner, with American Jewish crew and captained by Isaac ‘Ike’ Ahronovitch 23, an Israeli Jew who had served in British merchant marine.

On July 18, 1947 – a Royal British Navy convoy captured the crowded Exodus which was built to carry a crew of 58 and 400 passengers. During the Haganah terrorists’ resistance, three Jew were killed and 28 others hospitalized. Captain Ike and his fellow terrorists evaded capture by a standard Haganah ruse. The hid themselves inside vessel’s secret places. After the ship docked at Haifa port, a group of Jewish ship-cleaner came to clean the filthy ship – and the fugitive Zionist terrorists escaped with them dressed as cleaners. Until then, the British authorities had been very sympathetic towards the illegal Jewish immigrants – but this time they decided to “teach the Jews a lesson” – as British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin put it.

The ship with pessangers and crew aboard Exodus 1947 was escorted back to the port of its escape in France. Some sixty elderly and infirm Jews went ashore in France while the rest staged a hunger strike and refused to leave the ship. After a stand-off of more than three weeks, with political pressure at home and several western governments, London sent the ship to Hamburg (Germany) and put the Jews ashore there by force on September 8, 1947.

The blackmail tactics of the Zionist terrorists by had hastened the withdrawal of British forces from Palestine without fulfilling their mandate under Belfour Declaration and UN resolution for a peaceful transfer of power of the partitioned Palestine to the Zionist and Palestinian leadership. However, as the result of the vacuum created by the British forces allowed the Zionist terrorist groups to occupy more land than they were promised by the UN – and the remaining part of Palestine was occupied by Trans-Jordan and Egypt.

A total different narration of the events in the fictional ‘Exodus’. In the book, 300 Jewish orphans proclaimed a hunger strike in Cyprus aboard an old salvage tug renamed Exodus, and they won British agreement to sail for the promised land.

In 1960, a propaganda movie ‘Exodus’ based on 1958 novel Exodus was filmed in Cyprus and Israel. Hollywood actor Paul Newman played the leading role in the movie. The movie was the brain-child of Israeli PR man, Edward Gottleib. The movie project European Jew settlers as brave while the natives as brutal and some of them linked (Mufti of Palestine’s followers) to Nazis – while ignoring the fact that close to 150,000 German Jews were part of Nazi Army.

Incidently, Rabbi David Wolpe in Los Angeles questioned the biblical story of Exodus (reported by L.A. Times, 2001): “The truth is that virtually every modern archaeologist who has investigated the storyof the Exodus, with very few exceptions, agrees that the way Bible describes the Exodus is not the way it happened, if it happened at all.” Rabbi Richard Hirsh wrote in introduction to Haggadah “A Night of Questions” – “Is the story true? No, not if we mean an accurate account of events that happened more or less the way they are told. We do not tell the story of Exodus because it is historically accurate; we tell the story because it is our story and we need to recover and uncover the eternal ideas that this story conveys.” Both Rabbi Waxman and Rabbi Stern agrees with Rabbi Richard Hirsh’s point of view.

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  1. Holy Qur’an too mentions the story of prophet Musa (as) leading Banu Israel away from the captivity of Pharaoh – but a little different than the narration of Bible. However, prophet Musa (Moses) being regarded as a prophet of Islam, like all the other biblical prophets – Muslims are also commanded by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to celebrate the deliverance of Israelites from Egyptian slavery by observing two days of fasting – on 9th and 10th of Muharram (first month of Islamic Calendar). However, the second Caliph of Islam, Omar (as) changed the days of fasting to 10th and 11th of Muharram to separate the tradition from Banu Israel.

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