More Zionist Whining on Iran

There are many things which the European Jew-settlers learned from their former brothers-in-arms, the Nazis. One is the consistent lying in their Hasbara (propaganda) techniques from Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels (a Jew) whose motto was that a lie has to be reapeated in different ways so that the public is forced to accept it as a truth.

The latest ‘revelation’ comes from one of America’s three mass-circulated Jewish-owned newspaper, New York Times (January 6, 2010). The writer of the article, William J. Broad: “Over the past decade, Iran has quietly hidden and increasing large part of its atomic complex in network of tunnels and bunkers across the country”. In other words, he is indirectly spitting on the the US-Israeli highly advanced scanning technology which has failed but the Iranians know the exact location of most of Israel’s nuclear stockpiles. In order to convince its American readers that the only way to stop Iran becoming a second nuclear power in the Middle East – is Obama administration’s sending USForces to die in Iran for Israel: “Some analysts say that Israel, which has taken the hardest line on Iran, may be especially hampered by its less formidable military and intelligence abilities”. Funny though, according to Ralph Nader, Israel, is world’s fifth most powerful milirary.

The Ziont think tank RAND Corporation was quick to boost the NYT’s fear of Iran. Its study released on January 5 says that since Ahmadinejad’s re-election – Iran’s Revolutionary Guards has gained primacy “fueling fears that there that the company is becoming materialized.” Materialized, eh! but not the Zionist entity whose great majority of leaders comes from Israel Occupation Force (IOF). Furthermore, Revolutionary Guards are part of Iran’s Armed Forces, which is not under the command of Iran’s elected president – as is the case with Obama and Bibi, who are the ‘supreme comander-in-chiefs’ of USAF and IOF. All military and security services are under the command of Iran’s supreme Leader, Ayatullah Khamenie. The study urged US policymakers to “great care to couch their communication with and about Iran  in a way that are nuanced and take into consideration how their statements would be perceived in Tehran by whom (by the patriotic leadership or USrael-funded protesters).

California-based RAND, is as much loaded with Zionists and Jews as Obama administration. RAND’s intimate links with US power (AIPAC) is well known. Ithas also worked closely with the US Arm (RAND Air Force Project). In 2004, RAND published ‘Civil Democratic Islam’ a study paper authored by its senior policy adviser, Cheryl Benard (Austrian Jewish), who has been projected as an expert on Islam, the ‘women rights’ in Islam, Middle East and gender equality (homosexuality). In one of her assertions she ask very serious question: “Why in Islam, a woman is not allowed to have two husbands.” Due to the seriousness of the question – I could have advised her to the fact where her mouth is – that’s have second husband and see how her husband, Zalmay (Zal) Khalilzad, former US ambassador to Kabul, Iraq and United Nations under Bush administration – feel about it?

On January 5, China threw a spanner into three UN veto-powers ZOGs (the US, France and Germany) hope of ‘crippling sanctions’ against Islamic Iran by saying: “This is not the right time or right moment for sanctions because the diplomatic efforts are still going on. The efforts aimed at diplomatic negotiations on the nuclear issue still need some time and patience. Trying to bridge differences and finding a settlement through diplomatic efforts – there’s still space for such efforts,” said Zhang Yesui, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) this month.

Lawrence Swaim has exposed the greatest Zionist whiner, Simon Wiesenthal, the Nazi-hunter: “It is now known that Wiesenthal, a born story-teller, rarely let the facts get in the way of a good story – in fact many of the things he claimed to have done were fabrications. This recently came to light, with the publication, in June of 2009, of ‘Hunting Evil’, by British author Guy Walters, in which he characterized Simon Wiesenthal, as ‘a liar – and a bad one at that’. Wiesenthal, he maintains, would ‘concoct outrageous stories about his war years and make false claims about his academic career”. Interestingly, Wiener Library, one of world’s oldest and most reputable institution of Holocaust, has endorsed revaluation of Wiesenthal.

Personally, I fully agree with Gilad Atzmon who rebuked another Zionist whiner, Aaronovitch, by saying that “Iran is being threatened by Israel, America and the West on daily basis. Unlike Israel, a nation spiritually guided by suicidal biblical and historical narratives such as Samson and Masada – Iran’s military nuclear project can only be realized as defensive one. Iran needs its bombs to deter Israel, America and Britain. Iran is not going to launch a nuclear attack on Israel by risking the life of millions of Muslims in the region. It has no reason to do so, and it would not. For Iran and every other state in the region, except Israel, nuclear weapons can only be understood as means of defence and deterrence”.

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