Afghanistan – West’s Drugstore

America’s “war on Terrorism” is as phony as its “War on Drugs”. United Nations Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC), in its Report 2007, has admitted that the growth of opium cultivation in Afghanistan under US Alliance since 2002, has risen to 93% from just 6% under Taliban rule.

According to Australia’s National Drug Research Institute, about 100,000 people die per year from opium related drugs – which means, thanks to ZOG in Washington, one million people have died since the regime-change in Afghanistan took place in December 2001.

Recently, the inspector general of US State Department Counternarcotics Program in Afghanistan told the dummies that “the US government has been involved in the counternarcotics in Afghanistan for over 20 years (that would include Taliban rule too, eh!) through various agreements to suppress the production, distribution and the use of illicit drugs and has spent approximatelt two billion dollars on counternarcotics programs during the last five years.” Now, the common-sense question would be – why the US and its willing idiots failed to stop the growth of heroin – when Taliban did it in one month without spending a thousand dollars?

Interestingly, UNODC representative in Islamic Iran, Antonino De Leo, while addressing  the International Workshop in Germany – advised the western powers occupying Afghanistan to apply Iranian methods to control the narcotics trade. “Engaging Iran in finding a solution to the Afghan drug challenge is not only desirable but necessary,” he said.

As Eugene Khrushchev, wrote in Russia Today (RT): “It was supposed to be War on Drugs – so far it has been the Drug War on us”.

According to some western sources, close to 7000 western civilians including Israelis and the Israeli 9-11 False-Flag operation have died as result of the non-state Muslim terrorism in the last 40 years. In contrast, western state-terrorism in occupied Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Chechnya – has caused over five million death by March 2009 – making it a far greater holocaust than the one under Nazi regime.

However, there is more to Afghanistan’s occupation than meet the eyes. Under Reza Shah dynasty, Iran played the transit role for opium produced in Afghanistan, India and some part of Iran and Turkey. The drug smugglers were under the protection of Shah’s Mossad-CIA trained special force, SWAK. In early 1980s, Imam Khomeini banned the cultivation of poppy and drug in Iran. Later-on USSR occupied Afghanistan and the combined result was that drug barons, working for the Jewish-controlled world drug empire – had to shift their capital and infrastructure to Israel and Afghanistan’s Helmand Province – which is currently controlled by British troops – has made them the best protection drug-money can buy – with an impressive 57% of the total annual opium production countrywide. But it was not the only reason why Washington needed to replace religious leadership of Mullah Omar with a pro-US secularist ruler in Kabul. The openly touted Caspian Sea oil exploitation was also to benefit Israel to a great extent. Alexander Machkevitch, born and raised in Kyrgyzstan. He is a very close friend of country’s dictator Nursultan Nazarbyev and member of many Jewish lobby groups working for Israel’s interests in Central Asia and Africa. He owns the lion-share of oil industry in the country. Machkevitch is reported to be worth US$5 billion – making him the richest Israeli-citizen outside Israel – ignoring the fact that Bernard Madoff stashed most of his US$50 billion loot in Israeli banks.

In the early 1990s, Israeli army Lt. Colonel Yair Klein trained the paramilitary forces of the Colombian drug cartels in assassination, bombing and other covert operations. According to Israeli newspaper Yedioth Aharonoth, in 1996, Klein began a contract to provide weapons and training to Taylor’s Liberia and the RUF in Sierra Leone which controls the wealthy diamond district. Israeli intelligence uses drugs and diamond money to finance its false-flag operations around the world. When De Beers diamond empire pulled its operations out of war-torn African countries – Israel’s Lev Leviev (owned by Uzbek-born Jew billionaire) has aquired large concessions in Nambia, Sierra Leone, Congo, Ghana and several other sites. According to report released  last week by Shimuel Mordechai – the world economic down-turn affected Israel’s diamond export too. It was worth US$3.92 billion in 2009 as compared to US$6.24 billion in 2008. I suppose, Tel Aviv need to ask Obama for a bailout as he did for Zionist-occupied Wall Street.

Now if  one is dumb enough to believe Israeli Hasbara claim that Al-Qaeda, Hamas or Hizbollah are using drug or diamond money to wage terrorist activities – then common sense will tell you that Israel, Al-Qaeda, Hamas and Hizbollah – all must be sharing the same bed, agree!

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