Turkish TV dramas haunt Israelis

The Zionist-regime is furious to find a new ‘Hizb’Allah media’ in the most unexpected places – in Turkey. Under Erdogan government – finally the Turks are gaining their long-denied ‘freedom of expression’. A few  months ago, Turkish TV aired a bold TV series, Ayrilik (farewell), portrying Israel Occupation Force (IOF) as a ‘bloodthirsty army’. Now, Turkish TV is airing a drama ‘Kurtlar Vadisi (Valley of the Wolves)’, which depicts Israeli Mossad agents as ‘baby snatchers’ (watch video below) – rekindling the controversy over Jewish professor at Bar-llan University, Ariel Toaff’s, book ‘Pasque di Sangue (Bloody Passovers)’ in which he confirmed that the story of Christians’ ‘Blood Libel’ against the Jews does have some truth in it.

Bahadir Ozdener, the sriptwriter of the latest TV drama told NTV that he is working on a new spinoff “Valley of the Wolves: Palestine”. “We are trying to show that Israel and United States are behind acts of terrorism. Memati’s son Ali Memati was kidnapped by Israel who was resued by Polat Alemdar (the main character in the series) from Israel embassy…… Israel should remove its hands from bloody activities (kidnapping, torture, killing, rape, and human organ theft). We don’t do as much as we could. There is a real human drama in Gaza. We want to draw the public’s attention to that fact.” This would surely make the Zionist leaders like Bibi, Lieberman and Danny to act even more paranoid and racist toward Turkish government.

As expected, Israeli government is applying its usual despicable tactics to scare off Erdogan government into submission. However, Erdogan is certainly not Obama, such tactics would not work. Instead it could have the reverse effect of escalating tensions between the two governments. It will even infuriate the secular Turks.

Gilad Atzmon in an article Truth Will Prevail shed light on how Zionist-regime is panicking as the truth catches up with it.

“The Israeli government doesn’t think twice before it orders a genocidal attack against civilians. Israeli military leaders don’t think twice before they drop bombs on one of the most densely populated places on the planet. They also do not hesitate whether to use artillery shells against a UN refugee shelter. The Israel people do not think twice before they approve en masse their army’s inhuman tactics. But for some bizarre reason, the Israelis are devastated to find out that the rest of humanity is coming to terms with their true nature. Once again it is the Turkish TV drama that exposes the Israelis what they are. a murderous collective motivated by vengeance.”

“If you wonder what the Israelis do when they are exposed for who and what they are, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon has an answer to offer. Ayalon went out of his way this week to snub Turkey’s ambassador to Israel over his country’s “persistent criticism of the Zionist state”. The Israeli official refused to shake the Turkish Ambassador’s hand and made him sit on a lower seat at a meeting. He also made sure that a cameraman was there to document the humiliation. Submerged in Jewish pride the Israeli Deputy Foreign minister was probably convinced that for Israel to get away with murder, treating a Goy diplomat with contempt must be the way forward.”

Turkey’s president Abdullah Gul has threatened to recall Turkey’s ambassador from Tel Aviv in response to Israeli deputy foreign minister Danny Ayalon’s racist and undiplomatic treatment given to Ankara’s ambassador to Tel Aviv. Bibi’s office confirmed on Wednesday that it’s sending an apology to Ankara on Ayalon’s behavior.

Benjamin Netanyahu recently complained that “Turkey is inching toward Iran”. However, Israel’s former ambassador to Turkey, Alon Liel’s, response to Bibi was: “Blaming the Turkish relationship with Iran for the ongoing spat with Israel is nonsense. This idea that Turkey is heading in the Islamic or Iranian direction and away from Europe is simply avoiding the real picture, which is the damage to the bilateral relationship between Turkey and Israel (Tel Aviv’s Zionazi actions against Gazan). Turkey is currently improving its relations with most countries in the world, apart from Israel.” Liel also advised Ehud Barak: “If you haven’t got anything new to say about the (Israel-Palestinian) peace process, don’t go (to Ankara).”

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