It is not a democracy, stupid!

A political-aware person will never be fooled by such political rhetoric as the only democracy in the Middle East (Israel) or the largest democracy in the world (India) or the best democracy in the world (US). Because these are simply political dramas played by a minority of the privileged class, every four years to fool the brainwashed public and the world community at large. In reality, there are only a few countries where democracy by dictionary definition (“by the people for the people”) is practiced but their elected leaders are not recognized as democratic leaders because they refuse to bow to the Zionist perceived democratic world.

Democracy, like the other slogans such as human rights, freedom, justce, gender equality, etc. – has been corrupted so much by the elites that they have all lost their original meanings. Interestingly, Muslims make the largest minority groups in the US, India and Israel – but they’re the most persecuted ones in those countries. American writer Stephen Lendman wrote: “Is it less true for America or in how Israel treats Muslims, many its own citizens yet denied virtually all rights afforded to Jews, and in Palestine none under military occupation.” Indian writer Arundhati Roy compared Hindu right wing (Hindutva) persecution of Muslims in India to Hitler’s persecution of Jews. She asks: “What kind of India they want? A limbless, headless, soulless torso  bleeding under the butcher’s clever with a flag driven deep into her mutilated heart?”

In the US, no political leader can dream of working for the interests of his own country. They all compete with each other to prove to the Israel lobby groups (AIPAC, ADL, AJC, etc.) that he/she can look after the interests of a foreign country (Israel) better than his/her opponents. Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has pulled the mask from the US democratic charade: “There are many Members of Congress who wants to be free. I am one of them. I wanted to be free to vote according to my conscience, but I had been told that if I did not sign a pledge supporting the military superiority of Israel, no support would come my way. And sure enough, I did not sign the pledge and no support came my way. I suffered silently year in and year out, because I refused to sign the pledge. An then like a slave that found a way to buy his freedom – I went to work – I wanted to be free – Free to cast the vote in US Congress as I saw fit and not as I was dictated to…..”Cynthia McKinney.

Former Israeli cabinet minister, Shalamit Aloni, wrote in Ha’aretz (May 9, 2009): “Sadly, Israel is no longer democratic. There’s a state and no equality of rights. Democracy exists but only in the formal sense: There are parties and elections and a good judicial system. But there is also an omnipotent army that ignores legal decisions that restrict the theft of land and owned by people who have been living under occupation for the past 42 years. And since 1992, it means an ethnocracy in which gentiles (non-Jewish citizen) are considered donkeys.”

Stephen Lendman under the title Israeli Democracy or Hypocrisy wrote:

Throughout history, regimes rhetorically embraced democracy as cover for more despotic policies, no different today throughout the world in countries like India, Pakistan, America and Israel practicing what Michael Parenti calls “democracy for the few,” (the) “shadier sides of US political life (in which) proponents of the existing social order have tried to transform practically every deficiency into a strength.

In 2007, before the current economic crisis, the decline had “grown to alarming proportions.” It’s always that way for Israeli Arabs. Now, more than ever, it affects Jews, especially the elderly, holocaust survivors, immigrants, ultra-orthodox, single parents, families with four or more children, and Israeli workers (the working poor) struggling to get by in a nation less caring for their needs.

The result brings disturbing headlines like:

— “Half a million children living in poverty – report;”

— “1 in 5 below poverty line, NII reports” – Israel’s National Insurance Institute; and

— “Jerusalem top(s) list of cities with poor families.”

Now it’s worse according to a February 2009 NII study showing:

— one-third of Israeli children (774,400) living in poverty-stricken families;

— one-fourth of Israeli households with children impoverished;

— another 39,000 single-parent poor families;

— 44% of all families needy enough to receive NII stipends;

— over 400,000 families suffering from “nutritional insecurity,” a euphemism for hunger meaning they skip meals, eat less, some days not at all, and have nutritionally deficient diets high in carbohydrates and low in fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and protein-rich foods.

Israeli streets highlight the problem – 1,000 or more daily at soup kitchens for a hot meal; older men and women picking through garbage in larger cities; and growing numbers of Israeli Jews joining the ranks of the impoverished as social benefits erode at a time of greater need. Like America, Israel no longer cares.

Overall, the conclusion is clear. Arabs never had rights in Israel, but increasingly, social benefits, human rights, and essential ones are denied Jews in a society no longer caring. The result is a nation looking more like America that looks more like a banana republic under a president, congress, and corporate community eroding its few remaining freedoms on the way to ending them all.

7 responses to “It is not a democracy, stupid!

  1. Hey Rehmat! Great blog and great design as well. I have posted your link up on my own blog for a resource.. feel free to help me out as well!!

    Keep it up…

  2. Great post, Rehmat! I have previously missed out on this one.
    It will never stop amazing me how incredibly well the massive Zionist indoctrination thru the(ir) mass media works. When I first read Orwell’s “1984” some 50 years ago, a statement like “war is peace” appeared to me as totally absurd. However, observing the reaction of peoples in the western world to the ongoing raping of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan… and now also Libya, proves that what Orwell predicted has become a horrible fact.

  3. Becon of Freedom? More like a sophisticated fraud. The United States is a Fascist Totalitarian Two-Party Dictatorship very thinly and very cleverly disguised as a Constitutional Republic. If you really want to here propaganda just turn on a TV in the US and watch ANY station you choose. They’re ALL propaganda. Nationalist and Patriotic indoctrination is the agenda, same as the National Socialists in Germany. No different. We elect lying criminals year after year who go about the world approving of mass murder for resource acquisition. The USA is one huge criminal enterprise managed by Sociopaths at every level.

  4. What about islamic nation with shariat law?? where nonmuslims are raped and killed according to their law like in pakistan.

    On the other hand in Israel muslims are trying to work against their nation and put nation below their religion same is the case in America and In India how could you put 20 million as minority??
    As a matter of fact violence in gujarat in kashmir against hindus is ample proof that minorities are well protected and even have constitutional and political advantage against Hindus (sikhs shaiv vaishnav jain buddhists)

    Even when terrorist like gilani ,guru n so many even after plotting and participating in terror attack on Indian parliament were freed under muslim community pressure is a well observed fact that they possess far more privileges than Hindus there.

    Even Hindus are not allowed to go for their pilgrimage from the muslim dominated areas and muslim charges tax when they allow to go.
    Add to that mass murdering and rape of over 1000 hindu women in kashmir is well known proof how dominant muslims are in India.

    This article looks far away from reality and need to be reworked and must give a neutral opinion not biased one like it is.As it seems more like pro muslim article nothing do with democracy.
    Despite the fact that the highest measure of democracy is neither the ‘extent of freedom’ nor the ‘extent of equality’, but rather the highest measure of participation.

    Democracy is not something you believe in or a place to hang your hat, but it’s something you do. You participate. If you stop doing it, democracy
    crumbles.”In democracy the streets may be unsafe after dark, but the most likely visitor in the early hours will be the milkman.”

  5. Who was rapped, you or Rev. John Hagee?

    Pakistan has as much Shari’ah law being practiced as is the case in the US, France, Germany, Britain, etc. But, then when Saudi Arabia or Iran practice Shari’ah law on adutery, it is whores like you who call them barbarians.

    There no Muslim citizens in Israel. Muslims and Chriatians are the true inhabitants of Palestine. The Jews who occupy Palestines are the same Jewish thugs who were expelled from almost every European country in past.

    The real democracy, which doesn’t exist, in the West, is – where every citizen has equal rights in governance, finance, military, employment, freedom to think and say – and every other sector of the society. Democracy, as Islamic Shari’ah demands, comes with due RESPONSIBILITY. However, in the West all these sectors are monopolized by criminal Zionist Jews and their collaborating Christians and Muslims.

    I suggest, you visit, but don’t live, in Tel Aviv – the home to world’s Vatican of prostitution – with 280 Jewish brothels. But, then Jews are allowed such practice by their holy Talmud. Isn’t that what former Israeli President said who is convicted for rapping his Jewish emploees? Just imagine him in Tehran – he would have been stonned to death – What a horrible Shari’ah law, right!!

  6. There’s no mention of democracy in the Declaration of the Establishment of the state of Israel.

    In fact, Israel has never had a legally elected Government, under a constitution.

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