Round 3 – IOF vs Hizb’Allah

Lebanese pro-West prime minister Saad Hariri seems sure that Zionazis are going to find some lame excuse to invade Lebanon in the near future. While in Paris, on Thursday he sought guarantees against Israeli aggression from both French premier Frabcious Fillon and France’s Zionist Jew foreign minister Bernard Kouchner. Both working for the former Mossad operative, French president Sarkozy, refused any such guarantees. However, Bernard Kouchner was more blunt to show his “Iranophobia” by saying: “Israeli guarantees can only be given by Israel. However, the situation in Iran might prompt officials in Tehran to behave unpredictably, which could prove dangerous (for Lebanon) given Hizb’Allah weapons, and could lead to unfortunate events.

On his part Saad Hariri told both Zionists: “we want a peace that allows Arabs to recover their land in the Shebaa Farms, the Ghajar Hills and the Golan Heights, as well as a Palestinian state that guarantees the refugees’ (forced to live in Lebanese refugee camps and other lands) right to return”.

Zionist ‘armchair’ ME experts in Tel Aviv and Washington believe that once Tel Aviv succeeds in bribing Damascus – all Israeli problems in the Middle East would be resolved. That’s why Olmer requested Erdogan to negotiate a ‘deal’ with Assad on behalf of Israel. However, the idiots don’t realize that the real political power in Gaza, Lebanon and Iraq is Islamic Iran and not Syria. Therefore, unless Zionazi leaders start behaving like rational human beings towards Tehran – there will never be a peace for Israel.

According to one of the eleven Hizb’Allah members in Parliament, Ali Fayyad, Zionist entity could invade Lebanon for stealing water from the Hasbaya and Wazani Rivers, “a time bomb that could explode any minute”.

As for who the IOF will be fighting its “Round 3” is concerned – both Benjamin Netanyahu and Michel Suleiman has admitted that Hizb’Allah is the real defenders of Lebanon’s borders. Hizb’Allah has already won Round 1 (2000) and Round 2 (2006) against IOF. Even Israel’s Winograd Commission report (headed by Zionist entity Supreme Court Justice Eliyahu Winograd) admitted Hizb’Allah’s fighting superiority over Israel Occupation Force (IOF) cowards: “A semi-military organization of a few thousand men resisted, for a few weeks (34-days), the strongest army in the Middle East, which enjoyed full air superiority and size (30,000 soldiers during the final days of 2006 war) and technological advantages……”

During 2006 war, Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) department hired additional 100,000 Jewish duped students to flood the internet with Zionist lies about Hizb’Allah, Iran, Muslim Brotherhood and Islam. However, at the end of the war, Israeli officials admitted that Hizb’Allah had beaten them in that field too.

Earlier, Sheikh Nasrallah in his message to the Arab-International Forum for Supporting the Resistance, said: “I promise you, as I have always promised you. In any coming confrontation, we will foil the aggression’s objectives, defeat the enemy, achieve a great historical victory and change the face of the region.”

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