When violence becomes neceassary

US president Barack Obama in Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech in December 2009 had declared that a war (violence) can be justified sometimes against (Resistance) groups involved in violence. Earlier, though, while speaking in Cairo, he advised Palestinians to abandon their violent actions against Israeli military violence. 

Now a modern ‘Gandhi’ at the New School (a University in New York city) says: “Violence is never justified even if it is sometimes necessary”. Never mind the fact that the New York School is headed by an’Islamophobe’, former Senator Bob Kerrey, a Hillary Clinton’s supporter during Democrat  2008 nomination. He was quite allergic to former Senator Barack Obama’s Muslim middle name: “I like the fact that his name is Barack Hussein Obama, and that his father was a Muslim and that his paternal grandmother is a Muslim. There’s a billion (over 1.7 billion as a matter of fact) people on the planet that are Muslims, and I think that experience (false-flag terrorism) is a big deal”. Later on Kerrey realized his racist remark and apologized to Obama. Kerrey is a blind supporter of pro-Israeli Jewish Senator Joe Lieberman: “My own view is that Lieberman should be thanked by Democrats. Because both on the merit and politics, Lieberman is leading his former party – and the Congress as whole – in precisely the right direction,” Bob Kerrey wrote in an editorial, quoted in Jewish Ledger, December 23, 2009.

“Israel knows that if military confrontation became the rule this would threaten the unity of Israeli society. As long as civilians are at risk, Israelis can tell themselves they are being attacked because they are Jews and that they have no choice but to defend themselves, or that war is an imperative. But attacks against soldiers are attacks mounted directly against the occupation and the armed forces that embody the occupation. States can choose their policies, unlike people on a bus or in a restaurant. Soldiers who are killed are not said to have been murdered, like civilians who happen to have been in the wrong restaurant or on the wrong bus at the wrong time, but rather to have “died in the line of duty”. The Zionist establishment is also acutely sensitive to the fact that the army, security and the military myth are fundamental to the credibility and prestige of Zionism as a historic solution. No doubt, too, selecting military targets would also alter the image of the resister. He would become a formidable adversary who plans his strategies and tactics in order to accomplish a certain agenda, instead of just a mad suicide bomber driven by dreams of martyrdom or personal revenge into blowing himself up in a marketplace so as to take the greatest number of civilian casualties. The Zionist establishment does not want anything to shake this carefully constructed and marketed image of Palestinian otherness, because otherwise the Palestinian fighter would become a legitimate party in a comprehensible struggle for liberation,” Dr. Azmi Bishra, member Knesset.

A survey coducted by University of Maryland in December 2006 showed that 80% of Iranian believe that “violence against civilians is never justified” as compred to 46% Americans who had similar views.

The Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanction (BDS), a non-violence movement started on July 9, 2005. Since Israeli genocide of Gazan in December 2008 – more and more American Jews are joining the BDS movement, which is considered a ‘time bomb’ by the Jewish lobby groups working for Israel in the West. As Jewish  propessor Ira Chernus (University of Colorado) wrote: “If enough American Jews, and enough of their non-Jewish allies, find the courage, Obama and the future presidents will have the political cover they need to demand of Israel the steps it must take to begin a real journey toward security and peace (for both the Jews and the Native Palestinians)”.

Internationally known Israeli film-maker, Udi Aloni (son of former Israeli cabinet minister Shulamit Aloni), in his recent article, Why we Jews support BDS against Israel, wrote:

When the state quells the non-violent yet effective resistance of a right-less minority with violent unlawful means, then violent resistance to the military forces enforcing this oppression is justified. BDS action serves to preempt, in a non-violent manner, justified violent resistance aimed at attaining the same goals of justice, peace and equality.

If a critical mass of privileged Israeli citizens joins the non-violent struggle from the inside, standing shoulder to shoulder with the disenfranchised, perhaps outside pressure will no longer be necessary. The three very basic principles of BDS are:

– An immediate end of the occupation

– Full equality to all Palestinian citizens of the state of Israel

– Legal and moral Recognition of the Palestinian refugees’ right of return.

No right wing lobby, not even the messianic-evangelical lobby, and no lawyer from the Alan Dershowitz School can hold back for long the global popular movement which wants to see an end to our local conflict and regional peace, according to the principles of international law, in the benefit of both peoples.

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