Islam and non-violence

“The Christian God is a being of terrific character – cruel, vindictive, capricious and unjust,” Thomas Jefferson, US President (1801-1809).

“Now go and attack Amalek and utterly destroy all they have and do not spare them. Kill both men and women, infant and nursing child, ox and sheep, camel and donkey,” 1 Sam 15:3. Similar violent commands can be found in Hebrew Bible in Deut, 2:30-35, 7: 1-2, 7:16 and Jer. 13:14, etc.

“Thus were both the daughters of Lot (a Biblical prophet) with child by their father,” Genesis 19:36

The born-again Jew, the former US secretary of state, Madelein Albright, was asked by Lesley Stahl that (USrael) sanctions (against Iraq) has killed half a million children – more than children killed in Heroshima as result of US nuclear attack. “Do you believe it’s worth the price?” Albright’s respose was: “I think it’s a very hard choice, but the price – we think the price is worth it”. Interestingly, Albright could hold her tears on TV while mentioning the death of seven Jewish girls along Jordanian border at the hands of a Jordanian soldier in March 1997.

The stereotype image of Muslim fanatics crashing planes into high-rise buildings and blowing up innocent people by their suicidal actions – are created by the Islamophobe writers working for the Zionist-controlled mainstream media and the pro-Israel government officials and the intelligence agencies – all working for the benefit of the Zionist entity in the Middle East. The great majority of the terrorist activites for which Muslims are blamed – were in fact Israeli false-flag operations meant to demonize the Muslims and Islam in general.

Israel was never mentioned by name in the Bible until the Zionist created Scofield Study Bible which created the ‘divine’ support for the creation of the Zionist state as the fulfilment of the Biblical prophecy. Scofield Bible is the ‘religious inspiration’ for the majority of 70 million pro-Israel Zionist Christians.

Holy Qur’an commands non-violence when Allah says: “There is no compulsion in religion”. However, Holy Qyr’an also says that Allah will not have Mercy on the unrepentant Evildoers in order to defend His Attribute of being the enforcer of ‘Absolute Justice’. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) also carried out a non-violent Jihad (struggle) for first thirteen years of his prophethood to bring reformation to the Makkan pagan society. He and his followers suffered so much humiliation and torture in Makkah that some of them had to take refuge in the nearby Christian Kingdom of Habsha. The Prophet (pbuh) himself took self-exile in Medinah on the request of his followers in Mdinah. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) tried for two years to seek cooperation from the followers of other Abrahamic religion (Israelite) who dominated the city as traders and money-lenders. They took the message of Islam (usury, slavery, greed and treason) as a great threat to their power. Therefore, they collaborated with the enemies of Islam by funding them. As a result, City’s Chief Rabbi, based on Torah’s command – gave the Muslims the right for the expulsion of the three Jewish tribes – though two of the Prophet’s (pbuh) wives belonged to Jewish tribes.

The misunderstood word ‘Jihad’ – is NOT equivalent to western Crusades or America’s war on everyone who refuses to accept its dictation. Islamic Jihad mean “struggle to understand one’s purpose of creation”. In Islamic Shari’ah there are six kinds of Jihad. Five involves in purification of one’s religious, social and political actions – as commanded by Allah in Holy Qur’an and practiced by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) during his life. The sixth Jihad is to use force to stop evilness being constantly committed after all non-violent resistance has failed. All religions and the international law allow people to fight the resist the military occupation by every possible mean including the armed resistance. That’s what some Muslim groups are doing in occupied Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya and Philippines.

The modern history the greatest non-violent movement was 1979 Isranian Revolution lead by Imam Khomeini, which toppled the pro-USrael dynasty of Reza Shah Pahlavi (d.1980 in Cairo and is buried next to King Farouk in the Al-Rifai mosque) without a shot or the acts of hooliganism are being carried out by the US-funded protest marches against Ahmadinejad’s re-election in June 2009. In June 2008 – it was revealed that a  2007 Bush administration directive provided for an additional US$400 million to expand US operations in Islamic Iran – one priority of which was described as “supporting the opposition groups in a bid to undermine the current regime”.

Randall Amster PhD, in his article “What the Muslim World Can Teach Us about Nonviolence“, wrote:

“It might be a bad dream, but it feels real enough. The mantle of warfare slips seamlessly from one president to another, from one party to another, from one decade to another, from one generation to another. The impetus of national aggression transcends race, creed, socio-economic status, age and geography. Our collective sin is the bald lie that we all live and perpetuate from moment to moment, year upon year, from our past to the days ahead: the misbegotten belief that we are a peaceful people.

Yes, we are good and peaceful, and they (whatever “they” we’re focused on today) are ruthless and evil. Institutionally, these values are operationalized every day. Drone attacks, propped-up murderers and dictators, weapons manufacturing and distribution, clandestine death squads, full-on warfare, neglect of starvation and disease, collateral damage, structural adjustments, black holes of torture, targeting civilians – this is the essence of our foreign policy…… Please don’t get stuck on the standard lines that “all these people understand is violence” and “their religion is based on violence.” If we are to judge Muslims as a whole based on the actions of a small sample of fanatics, then we have to apply the same gaze to ourselves, and it isn’t a pretty reflection looking back….”

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