20th Anniversary of Mandela’s freedom

“It is immoral, irrational, it is obscene for an oppressor to tell the oppressed how they should respond to oppression,” Imam Achmad Cassiem, South Africa.

On Thursday, South Africans celebrated 20th anniversary of former president and leader of the African National Congress (ANC). Nelson Mandela’s release from the notorious prison on Robben Island – where Nelson Mandela and other Black African leaders were kept incarnation for 27 years. Mandela’s release marked the begining of the end of Israel’s closest apartheid colonial ally on the African continent. Just four years after Mandela’s release, South African held their first all-race elections – choosing Nelson Mandel the first African president of South Africa.

Like the Hamas leaders now, Mandela and the other top ANC leaders were labeled as terrorists by Tel Aviv and Zionists groups in the US. In 1986, pro-Israel Dick Cheney voted against a resolution that called for Washington’s recognition of ANC as “Resistance” fighting against the occupation of European colonists. South Africa under the White rule was the first African regime to recognize colonization of Palestine by Europen Jews. However, interestingly, none of the the 100,000 European Jews in South Africa immigrated to occupied Palestine. The Zionist entity helped the Afrikan-regime to become first African country to posses a nuclear arsenal, which was disabled on the orders of president Nelson Mandela.

“During the Gaza war, South Africa expressed its strong solidarity with the Palestinians. No one here has forgotten the collaboration between Pretoria and Israel under apartheid, and many see parallels between the Palestinian situation today and that of Black and cloured South Africans back in the days of White rule” – Alain Gresh in Le Monde.

One of the unsung hero at Robben Island in the company of Nelson Mandela – was 17-year-old Achmad Cassiem who joined the armed struggle against the apartheid-regime at the age of 15. He was sometime referred as “Muslim Mandela”. Now the teenager is known as Imam Achmad Cassiem (a religious leader of South African Muslim community). In an interview he said that his action to join the Resistance against the colonial rule was based on Islamic teachings of waging military struggle (Jihad) against the oppressor when all non-violent protest are exhausted. When asked who influenced him the most? He counted beside Holy Qur’an – his father, his mother, Sayyid Qutb, Imam Hassan al-Banna and Imam Khomeini.

Achmad Cassiem advised Palestinians resistance groups fighting against the Zionist entity: “Don’t make maximum sacrifies for minimum gains – if you’re going to make maximum sacrifices demand maximum gains”.

The other world renowned Muslim leader from South Africa was Sheikh Ahmed Deedat (d. 2005). He was acknowledged as an authority on both Islam and Christianity. He visited Islamic Iran in 1982 and summed-up his expeince on his return to South Afria:

“A nation that is not affraid. You know it terrified me. It terrified me to see those scenes there when they say “Death to America”. We got the jitters, now he is provoking the big devil and the big devil is big enough to give a side swipe and make you go to sleep. America is capable of doing that, isn’t it? But they say “Death to America” imagine. Imagine, a big devil there and a big devil there. They say death to this devil and death to that one. Then they say “Death to Israel”. Can you imagine a nation doing that and surviving it all? Not afraid, not in the least. That is the Islamic spirit that is permanately in their hearts and minds. They are not talking of an Iranian revolution. They are talking about an Islamic Revolution. If you say “Iranian”, they will say “Islamic” Revolution because it is a revolution for Islam. No wonder the nations of the world cannot stomach it. It is Islam they cannot stomach”.

South Africa is home to half a million Muslims.

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