Eritrea – From Israel’s ally to a rogue state

“Imperialist powers have always labeled as terrorists the people who fight for their right. Irishmen were terrorists until they signed an agreement. Abbas was a terrorist. Now, he is a friend,” Mohamed Hassan, a Marxist author and former Ethiopian diplomat in Washington, Beijing and Brussels.

“Israel sees Islam as the greatest danger to its dominance over the Middle East, itself built on cruelty, violation and oppression,” – Professor Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi (Haifa University).

On December 23, 2009 – the UN Security Council imposed sanctions (Resolution 1907/2009) against Eritrean government based on Zionists’ cooked-up allegation of supporting Islamic Resistance in Somalia. The sanctions include an arms embargo, travel ban and asset freezes of both officials and individuals. One of the other crime for which Eritrea was punished is – the border dispute with the US-Israel supported Ethiopean regime. To protest against the shameful Zionist anti-Muslim crusade against Eritrea, Somalia and Sudan – the Eritrean communities in Geneva, San Francisco,  Washington DC, Melborne, Bonn and several other cities – are holding peaceful demonstrations on February 22, 2010 against these illegal sanctions.

Pro-Israeli Jewish lobby groups – just like in case of Khartoum Islamic regime and Islamic resistance in Somalia – are very upset on Eritrean president Isais Afwerki’s support for Islamic Iran’s right to carry-on its nuclear program in his speech at the conference of Non-Aligned countries in November 2007. His foreign minister Osman Saleh repeated his government’s support for all countries to “develop or use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes as enshrined in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in his May 2009 interview. Saleh, in June 2009, repeated his conviction by saying: “Iran’s nuclear program is a source of pride for us and we support the country’s stand in this regard….. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Western nations do not have the authority to interfere with Iran’s nuclear development”. In May 2008, president Isais Afwerki meet his Iranian counterpart, Dr. Ahmadinejad, in Tehran. The later agreed to help Eritrea in agricultural, educational and trade sectors.

Refuting silly Zionist propaganda that Eritrea is sending Iranian ammunition on donkeys through Ethiopia – Professor Dr. Muhammad Shumsaddin Megalommatis 53, an Orientalist, author of 15 books and a Greek Christian Orthodox who converted to Islam at the age of 36, wrote in November 2007 under the title How to damage US interests in Afria – demonizing Eritrea saying that Eritrean president doesn’t support “Islamists in Eritrea but the National Somali insurgence, which is a most rightful act that perfectly abide by the Principle and Ideals of America’s Founding Fathers”. ….. There is no parallelism between Hamas or Hezbollah and the Somali Islamic Courts, which have been marginalized since November 2007 ….”

Once upon a time – the Israeli Hasbara’s current “evil dictator”, Isaia Afwerki, who was called a “renaissance leader” by former US president Bill Clinton – used to be a close African ally of the Zionist regime. He was flown to Israel on an American plane for medical treatment in 1993. This was followed by opening of an Israeli embassy in Asmara on March 15, 1993. During the same time, Israeli prime minister Yitzhalk Rabin and Afwerki signed an agreement, which allowed the Zionist entity to establish its military bases on Dahlak islands and in the Mahel Agar mountains near the Sudanese border.

Zionist entity’s collaboration with anti-Muslim Ethiopian regimes go back to King Haile Selassie rule. King’s 3100-strong ‘Emergency Police’ was trained and supplied with arms by the Israeli forces and Mossad. It was in 1971 when Gen. Haim Bar-Lev visited Ethiopia – two strategic islands (Halep and Fatima) were opened for the Israeli Navy. Gen. Matityahu Peled had admitted that it was Israeli protection which saved the King from three assassination attempts. When Haile Selassie was overthrown by a Marxist coup lead by Mengistu in 1974 – Israel changed its loyalties to continue their genocide of Muslims in both Ethiopia and Eritrea. With the collapse of USSR, in 1991, the opposition led by Isaias and Meles overthrew the communists government and as the result on a refrendum on April 25, 1993, Eritrea ceased to be a part of Ethiopia after a 30-year resistance against Ethiopia resulting in the death of over 60,000 people. However, Isaiac with the help of Israeli anti-Muslim support continued the Marxist-regime’s policy against his own people.

Both Eritrea and Yemen are very important to the Zionist entity because between the two of them they can block Israel’s Sea link to the outside world via the Red Sea.

Eritrea has a population of 4.4 million with a Muslim majority (60%).

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