Canadian Report: Iran has world’s fastest scientific growth

While the Zionist regime is using every possible means to stop Tehran enriching its uranium deposit to 20% which every country signatory to NPT is allowed to do to run its nuclear reactors for power-generation or medical research and production purposes – the NewScientist magazine reported on Fabruary 18, 2010 that the scientific growth in Islamic Iran has grown eleven times faster than any other country in the world.

Science-Matrix, a Montreal-based data-analysis has published a report on “geopolitical shifts in knowledge creation”, saying “Since 1980, Asia is catching up even more rapidly than previously thought. Europe is holding its position more than most would expect and the Middle East is a region to watch,” according to the report author, Eric Archambault.

Archambaut notes that Iran’s publications have emphasised inorganic and nuclear chemistry, nuclear and particle physics and nuclear engineering. Publications in nuclear engineering grew 250 times faster than the world average – although medical and agricultural research also increased.

Despite more than thirty years of Western-imposed sanctions, Iran under Islamic regime has made great strides in different sectors, including aerospace, nuclear science, medical development, as well as stem cell and cloning research. Among the country’s most recent accomplishments, which has garnered international acclaim, was the February 2 launch of Kavoshgar 3 (Explorer 3) satellite carrier into space with living organisms – a rat, two turtles and worms  – onboard. In January 2010, the country became the first Middle Eastern country to produce transgenic animals, such as sheep and goats that express foreign proteins in their milk and are, therefore, considered valuable sources of protein for human therapy. Also Iran has become one of the few countries that have the technology and the means to clone farm animals, which could lead to advances in medical research, including using cloned animals to produce human antibodies against diseases. A lamb named ‘Royana’, a kid named ‘Hanna’ and two calves named ‘Bonyana’ and ‘Tamina’ were the first animals successfully cloned in the country.

Islamic Iran has become the only country in the Middle East which produces most of its conventional military hardware locally. Contrary to that Israel receives US$3 billion worth of arms from the US in aid on annual basis. In addition to USAID, Israel’s annual military budget stands at US$10 billion as compared to Islamic Iran’s annual military budget of US$4.3 billion. Israel’s blind supporter’s (US) annual budget is US$623 billion – almost half of the entire world’s total military expenditure of US$1.2 trillion.

The IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano released his first report on Iran’s nuclear program on Thursday – which refuted Israeli lies about Iran’s nuclear program to be meant for the military purpose.

However, Israel and its ZOG poodles in the West are bracing themselves for attcking Islamic Iran this Summer. This week, Hizb’Allah leader, Sheikh Nasrallah, has warned the Zionazi regime of “four-pronged” military response by Iran, Syria, Hamas and Hizb’Allah if Islamic Iran is attacked. Sheikh Nasrallah also mentioned that Hizb’Allah militia are ready to turn Israel’s Dahiya strategy (Israel’s doctrine of carpet-bombing of civilian populated areas as they did in 2006 on Beirut’s Dahiya suburb in order to put terror among Israel’s Arab neighbors) on the Zionist entity itself.

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  1. I am very happy about this milestone……….

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