Israeli push for “crippling” Iran sanctions backfired

On Thursday, US State Department spokesperson, P.J. Crowley, claimed (Reuters) that Washington doesn’t want to impose “crippling sanctions” against Tehran over its nuclear program – as those would have “significant impact on Iranian people”. Crowley was shedding crocodile tears for the Iranian people who have suffered at the hands of US administrations and Zionist entity for over 50 years in the past. Some officials in the White House also fear that a further round of sanctions against Islamic-regime in Tehran will backfire as more and more so-called “anti-Ahmadinejad regime” Iranians would join the anti-US-Israel majority.

The hypocrisy of Obama administration is amazing. Only a few days ago – Hillary Clinton made AIPAC’s day by saying that she expect a “crippling” sanctions against Iran to be approved by UNSC within next few weeks. Earlier in a conference this month, Obama said that despite Tehran’s denial it’s clear to him that Iran is sursuing a path toward “nuclear weaponization”. He even showed his overjoyment over Russia’s latest indication that Russia is willing to vote for the new sanctions against Islamic Iran over its nuclear program which Tehran has always insisted is for civilian purpose. However, Obama doubted if China is ready to join the pro-Israel gang in the UNSC.

Both Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and foreign minister Barak Ehud have gone in full gears during last week to convince US administration, Russia and China of Israeli fear of a nuclear Iran. Barak Ehud told US defence secretary Robert Gates in Washington: “Iran is problem not just of Israel, but of the entire world. At this stage it’s important to impose harsh sanctions on Iran in order to prevent its advance toward nuclear weaponry” Benjamin Netanyahu whined on last Monday that new sanctions would have to hit Iran’s vital energy sector. Though Iran is world’s fifth largest oil exporter – it imports 40% of its gasoline from foreign refineries. Tehran is pushing for the completion of six new refineries to go into production by 2012 to get rid of country’s dependence on foreign imports.

The US Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff was in Tel aviv a week ago to assure the paranoid Zionist-regime that Washington takes Iran’s (nonexistant nuclear threat) very seriously and that Israel doesn’t need to take unilateral action, which Israeli military chief has admitted cannot achieve success without America’s active involvement.

The New York Times has reported recently that the huge arms sale to western puppet Arab regime is – so they don’t feel they have to go nuclear themselves and to “calm the Israelis”. The recent years  arms buying spree by the oil-rich Gulf States has hit over US$18 billion include F-15 and F-16 warplanes, Patriot missile batteries, Aegis cruisers, advanced anti-ship and anti-tank missiles, smart bombs and bunker-busters and missile boats. This plus the US is also beefing-up its own missile defense system in the region. All these activities are a de facto  alliance of the US, the Gulf states and the Zionist entity to counter Iran’s growing influence in the region.

As part of Israeli Hasbara spin – The powerful Jewish think tank, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), published an interview with David Albright, president of another Zionist think tank, Institute for Science and International Security, on February 23, 2010. In response to Iran’s Spiritual Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei’s (a former president of Iran and holder of PhD in Islamic theology) last week statement that Iran has no intention of building nuclear weapons (as he considers them haram due to their destruction of civilian lives and properties) – the sell-out idiot said that he was sure that “Iran wants to have a nuclear weapon capability; it wants to be in a position that if it does decide to build nuclear weapons, it can do so relatively rapidly.” As expected, the entire interview, David Albright never mentioned once that in the rgion the only nuclear power, Israel, which is an apartheid colonial empire – has over 240 nuclear bombs and it has invaded every single of its neighbors while Iran has no history of invading its neighbors for the last 100 years.

Iran’s ECSRC director, Hassan Rohani has recommeded that “Iran should pay money to buy nuclear fuel and should not exexchange its low enriched uranium for 20 percent enriched nuclear fuel. Iran’s nuclear program which was started during the Shah regime with the help of US and Israel – was discontinued in 1980s under the orders of Imam Khomeini. It was restarted during the current USrael’s darling, former prime minister Mir-Hossein Mousavi’s administration (1981-89), and all the necessary equipment were provided during former president Ayatullah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani administration (1989-97) and country succeeded domestically producing centrifuges during former president Ayatullah Mohammad Khatani administration (1997-2005).

And finally, the truth from Jacob Hornberger, founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation: “Consider Iran, the reason the neocons (mostly Jewish) hate Iran is the independence Iran shows toward the Empire (controlled by pro-Israel Zionists). If the Iranian regime were to adopt the subservient and obedient attitude toward the Empire that, say, Libyan military strongman and terrorist Mohammar Qadaffi has adopted or, for that matter, that the pro-US Shah of Iran adopted, everything would be hunky dory”.


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