International Israeli Apartheid Week 2010

“Our freedom (in South Africa) is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians,” Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa.

The Sixth International Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) is being observed currently (March 1-7) at 49 University Campuses around the world (see the official trailor at the end of this post). Many Israeli boot-licking Canadian politicians including Liberal Party leader, Michael Ignatieff has called the event, which orginated at University of Toronto in 2005 – as being “anti-Semite” as it criticizes Zionist state of Israel and therefore, spread hatred toward Jews. Interestingly, a Jewish academic organization, Independent Jewish Voices, is one of the event’s more than two-dozen sponsors. Canadian daily, The Toronto Star’s, columnist Thomas Walkom who attended the rally on Monday and reported in his column that the event has nothing to do with ‘anti-Semitism’ or ‘Jew-bashing’. 

As expected, the powerful Israeli lobby groups, such as Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC), B’nai Brith, Jewish student groups at Canadian Campus, etc. have been campaiging against the Israeli Apartheid Week since the begining of the year. These pro-Israel Jewish groups were supported by 30 of the 107 members of Ontario  provincial assembly and a porn video at ( showing a couple in bed and suggesting that Israel may be small in size but it’s a spot of worship and being in there, feels like being in paradise. Conservative MP, Peter Shurman, told the Jewish website, Shalom Life: “If you’re going to label Israel as apartheid, then you’re also calling Canada apartheid and you’re attacking Canadian values”.

Earlier, the York University (Toronto) canceled February 22 pro-Israel event based on its speaker, Dr. Daniel Pipes’, well-known Islamophobe record. In the past years, students attending the IAW had been harrassed, rooms for IAW meetings canceled and IAW poster burned by the anti-IAW hooligans. Under Jewish lobby groups, Carleton University (Ottawa) and Trent University (Peterborough), IAW functions were banned in 2009.

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israeli state and IAW are being considered two major movements against Israeli Hasbara Committee and its allies. Israeli think tank, Reut Institute, in its report submitted to the last month Herzliya Conference in Israel had blamed these two groups for the “delegitimization” of Israel as a state and suggested that Tel Aviv run an aggressive diplomatic campaign to sabotage such movements.

Historically, calling Israel an ‘Apartheid State’ based on While-ruled South Afrian experience doesn’t do justice to the word ‘apartheid’. Though, like South Africa, Israel is also an European colonial state, but its 62-year history is worse than the history of 100-year of the White-ruled South Africa. In fact it’s even worse than the Nazi rule. Some of the other dis-simalarities include:

1. White Afrikan never proclaimed their occupation as “Christian state” and accepted all the Christian living anywhere in the world as ‘citizen of South Africa’ – but Zionists call their occupation as ‘Jewish state’ while most of them practice atheism – and give each member of the 12.7 million world Jewry the right to steal land from the native Palestinians being Israeli citizen without even living in Israel.

2. Apartheid South Africa did not wage wars on all of its neighbouring countries or sent assassination squads to murder foreign leaders – but Israel have done that during its 62-year existance.

3. When the Russian occupying East Germany built the Berlin Wall in 1961 – no one called East Germany an ‘apartheid state’.

4. White Africans never threatened to establish European Christian demographic in South Africa – but the successive Zionist regimes have been implementing the ‘Jewish demographic state’ agenda in the occupied Palestine even before the establishment of Zionist state of Israel in 1948. 

Emily Schaeffer wrote about BDS: “BDS is the start of conversation that take place in reality. BDS is a chance to force negotiations for a just solution that are balanced and honest. BDS is begining of an Israeli awakening to what the last century has brought, an acceptance of responsibility by the world of funders, investors and consumers that helped make much of it possible, and a chance to create a place that Jews, Palestinians and world citizens alike can support. So let’s wake up and start talking”.

Last month, 500 Montreal artists announced their support for the BDS movement. And finally two news in support of BDS:

1. Former Mossad agent, Mordechai Vanunu has requested that his name should be removed from the list of candidates for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, sying: “I am not interested in the prize Shimon Peres, the father of Israel nuclear bomb, received,” The Times of India, Feb. 25, 2010.

2. Last month, Israeli Embassy in Madrid received hundred of letters of protest from local pupils with the question: “Why does Israel murder Palestinians?”


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