Liberating Muslim Women

“The liberation of Afghan women is not a priority, never has been and never will be until women’s rights are taken seriously in the West. We need to put our own house in order before we start dictating to others about the treatment of women elsewhere,” Yvonne Ridley, British journalist, author, broadcaster and political activist.

Well, according to Zionist Hasbara goons, Washington invaded and occupied Afghanistan to “liberate Afghanistan women” from those extremist Muslim Taliban and Iraq for possesing “Islamic WMDs” – but most of us know who propagated those lies to destroy two Muslim countries for the benfit of Israel. Now, the same forces are repeating the same and more lies about Islamic Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Sudan, Hizb’Allah and Hamas.

Women have been oppressed all around the world, religiously (Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.) and culturally for centuries. So is the case in the abuse of women’s rights in various cultures previalent in the Muslim world. However, no honest and educated person could blame Islam for such abuses. Islam liberated women over 1400 years ago – at the time when the women were treated as a male property with no legal rights in the so-called “Western Civilization”. Find out the truth here and watch a video at the end of this post.

How many westerners know that American women were NOT allowed to vote until August 26, 1920? The US Constitution was amended (Amendment 19), which allowed the women to vote in both state and presidential elections. Women in western countries were given the rights to vote  – in Norway (1913), in Britain and Canada (1918), in Germany (1919), in France (1944),  in Italy (1945), in Greece (1952) and in Switzerland (1971). German Chancellor Markel is the first women head of state of that country. The world is waiting to see a woman lead the government in the US, France, Australia and Russia. Contrary to that, women had been the leaders of the governments in Muslim countries, such as, Pakistan, Bangladesh (its current prime minister is a woman), Indonesia and Turkey.

Women in Islamic Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Bosnia, Hizbullah and Hamas can be found in leading positions in almost every sector of the society, such as education, healthcare, CEOs, government, parliament, judiciary and police. Women are recruited in Armed Forces of several Muslim nation-states – but with the exception of Islamic, they are not allowed to participate in active duty during a war. In order to combat sexual abuses in male-dominated military – Islamic Iran has created an independent Women Armed Force with its own commanding officer who is answerable only to the Spiritual Leader, Ayatullah Ali Khamenei, who, under Iranian Constitution, is the C-in-C of Iranian Armed Forces. In comparasion, the so-called “Women equality” promoter, the US – its Armed forces (200,000-women-strong) – is reported to have one out of every three female soldier experienced sexual abuse as compared to one in six women in the civilian world (CBS News).

United States has world’s highest numbers of its citizen in jails (7.3 million) of which women are in majority. United States also tops the latest  World Divorce Rate (4.95% per 1000 people) while Qatar (12th position) has the highest divorce rate of (0.97% per 1000 people) among the Muslim countries. United States also has the highest numbers of female prostitutes and according to Amnesty International, over 50,000 foreign women are added yearly. Israel has the distiction of being the only country in the world where legalized sex-slavery is practiced and the world’s largest numbers of brothels (280) in one city – Tel aviv. Canada is No.5, United States is No.9 , UK No.13 and France No.15 in world’s rape record. The US also has the highest numbers of battered women (over 7 million) – and while the country boast for having 3,800 annimal shelters, it has only 1,500 for the battered women. In a government survey, it was found that the upper-caste Hindus out-number Muslims (5.8% to 5.6%) in polygamy in India. According to some experts, over 50,000 American Christians practice polygamy.

Professor Dr. Mohamed Elmasry in his thought-provoking article Liberating Muslim Women wrote:

“While Reformation-era Europe learned much from its Muslim neighbours (especially in sciences and medicine), it seems Western culture has a very short collective memory. Present-day media rarely refer to Islamic truths that paint a very different image from the depressing and confusing portrayals of women that readers are more likely to find in their pages.

Where can non-Muslims learn, for example, that in Islam women have souls; that they have equal intellectual capabilities as men; that they have as much right and need of advanced education in every field of human inquiry; that they can initiate divorce; keep their family names after marriage; or have separate and distinct careers in their own right?

Alongside the false imagery of missing information is the insidious media-hyped disinformation that Muslim men (especially “religious” ones) are sexist, oppressive wife-beaters. As well, you’ll find little mention that in many Muslim countries female university and college students in engineering and science classes far exceed the numbers found in the West. This is the case in Iran and Egypt, to name only two Muslim countries. Some of these women are fully practicing Muslims, some are not. Some are bare-headed and indistinguishable from any women you’d meet working or studying in Europe and North America; others wear head scarves, or hijab; and a few may wear a full head-to-toe Burqa. But the way they choose to dress has nothing to do with their level of competence.

In the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, Muslim women athletes from Egypt, Iran, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Pakistan proudly represented their countries. Two of them, Bahraini track star Roqaya Al Ghasara and Iranian rower Homa Hosseini — both of whom wear the hijab in public – won the honour of being flag bearers for their countries at the opening ceremonies. Egyptian fencer Shaimaa El Gammal, 28, wore the hijab for the first time in Beijing – her third Olympic competition. She called the change a sign she has come of age and, like Al Ghasara, feels more empowered than ever. Iranian women with hijabs competed in the 2008 Olympics in rowing, tae-kwon-do and archery. From Afghanistan, where a majority of women still wear the head-to-toe burka, sprinter Robina Muqimyar competed in the 100 metre race wearing a hijab…….”

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