Hamid Gul: Taliban is the future

The former Chief of Pakistan Intelligence Agency (ISI), Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul, is the most dreaded person since he was forced to retire under Washington’s pressure on Islamabad. Washington even tried to get Hamid Gul’s name added to UN Security Council list of international terrorists but the move was blocked by China. His crime was that just after two weeks of the 9/11 tragedy– on September 26, 2001, he gave an interview in which he claimed that 9/11 was an “inside job” and Israeli Mossad was fully involved in it.

In a recent interview with FARS News Agency, Gen. Hamid Gul blamed the US for creating and training different extremist and terrorist groups to destablize the region especially Islamic Iran: “The US intelligence agencies pursued just one goal by forming Rigi’s group which was provoking unrests and instability in Iran”. Referring to the plots and attempts of the US and the Zionist-controlled European governments against Islamic Iran, Gen. Hamid Gul reiterated that the very aim of them is to weaken Iran’s independence and impair the relations between Tehran and Islamabad. He advised the Pakistan government to elude the plots hatched by the US under the Israel Lobby’s pressure to disintegerate Pakistan in order to corner Islamic Iran.

In his February 2010 interview with Al-Jazeera (watch video at the end of this post), Gen. Hamid Gul said that “Taliban is the future” for a stable and progressive Afghanistan. He said: “America is defeated. Karzai is no more, he is fighting for his life. Some 80% of Afghan population support Taliban as they’re fed-up with corruption. They’re sick of the influence of the warlords and drug-barons and the continued American occupation”.

We (Pakistanis) want a friendly Afghanistan. We know India is playing havoc with us. The Pakistani Taliban are being sponsored by the Indian intelligence and the Mossad, by the way, to carry out their attacks in Pakistan. The Mossad is very active in Pakistan and they are providing all the guidance and technical support to the Indian intelligence. So, Pakistan has to have its back covered – no country can fight on two fronts. We have to have a friendly Afghanistan, this does not mean that we dominate Afghanistan. No one can dominate Afghanistan, a country which has already buried two superpowers and the third one is about to be buried there,” said Hamid Gul.

“I have no ties with Al-Qaeda. As far as al-Qaeda is concerned, I simply say come up with the evidence for 911. You haven’t even charged Osama bin Laden so far, that means you don’t have hard evidence against him. The full story is yet to come out. In my opinion, all this is a gimmick, an inside job,” said Hamid Gul.

“I support Taliban cause of Afghan resistance. I lend them my moral support because I have in the past had strong connections with them. Incidentally, I maintained strong connections with both sides. Many in the Afghan government are my good friends. But since the Taliban are representing the national spirit of resistance, I have given them my voice,” said Hamid Gul.

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