Human Rights – Theirs and the others

Which country do you think pratice torture as official policy in addition to United States or where sex-slavery is legalized or which poses the greatest threat to the world peace or is among the world’s top five most most dangerous countries to live in or one of the world’s top human rights abuser? I bet if you depend on CNN, FoxNews, BBC, Wall Street Journal, New York Time, Newsweek, TIMES, Christian Science Monitor, MEMRI, Wikipedia, CFR, or hundred of other Israeli Hasbara Committee members for your information – your answer would be “Islamic Iran” is that country. Wrong my friend – the country is the so-called “the only democracy in the Middle East (Israel)”.

In October 2009, the West Bank president Mahmoud Abbas got a phone call from Hillary Clinton demanding that PA should ask the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) not to put Goldstone Report on the agenda of its meeting that month. So the report was put on hold till its next meeting on March 22, 2010. This time while Zionist entity still insists that the report prepared by South African Justice Richard Goldstone (a Zionist Jew) highlighting Israeli violation of human rights during its 23-day attack on Gaza – should not be discussed by the UNHRC in March review – Mahmoud Abbas has thrown another spanner. He has requested that UNHRC should remove professor Richard Falk’s report from its agenda because it could drail the PA negotiations with Tel Aviv.

Nadia Hijab’s article titled A Tale of Two Richards is worth reading to understand the hypocrisy of the so-called “western civilized world” when it accuses Islamic Iran for human rights violations against local and foreign agents bent on destablizing a democratically elected government – but when it comes to the Zionist-regime, they prefer to put a duct-tape on their big mouths.

The real reasons seem to be that the PA did not like the mention of Hamas in Falk’s report and his earlier criticism when the PA tried to “postpone” the Goldstone Report in September under pressure from Israel and the United States. A public outcry among Palestinians reversed that decision.

Undermining the Goldstone Report would be an equally harsh blow to the human rights system. Several earlier reports have called for the application of international law to the Arab-Israeli conflict, including the International Court of Justice’s seminal opinion on the illegality of Israel’s separation wall in the West Bank. But the Goldstone Report has been published at a time when people are ready to listen, which is partly why Israel is fighting it with such ferocity and on so many fronts.

On one of those fronts, Israel is trying to change international law itself, as Israeli human rights advocate Jeff Halper reveals in an important article, The Second Battle of Gaza. Halper identifies the Israeli figures leading the campaign “to alter international law in ways that enable them — and by extension other states involved in ‘wars on terror’ — to effectively pursue warfare amongst the people while eliminating both the legitimacy and protections enjoyed by their non-state foes.”

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