Yemen, Red Sea and Israel

The leaders of the World Zionist Congress – which was established in Basel (Switzerland) on August 29, 1897 to campaign for the establishment of Eretz-Israel (Greater Israel) in Ottoman Palestine by applying every mean to populate the  with European Jews – had realized the strategic importance of the Red Sea (which leads to Suez Cannal, Mediterranean and Dead Sea) being the only Sea route open to their land-locked Eretz-Israel dream. The proposed map of Eretz-Israel which was presented by Theodor Herzl (d. 1904) and wrote in his Diaries, vol. II, page 711: “The area of Jewish State stretches from the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrate”. This map (shown at the bottom of this post) was also inscribed on Israel’s 10-agora coin, showing the Zionist entity stretching from “the Mediterranean to Mesopotamia and from Red Sea to Euphrate and upto Medinnah in Saudi Arabia.”.

Yemen is located at the mouth of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden which is the major route of the oil tankers. Along this route, Yemen is one of the two countries which have not been ruled by a western-puppet government plus half of country’s population is pro-Iran Shia and anti-Zionist regime including its president Ali Abdullah Saleh who after USS Cole bombing blamed Israel for funding/training the Al-Qaeda group. The other country is Eritrea – that’s why it’s being targeted by the Israeli lobbying groups in the US.

CIA-Mossad planned and executed the Christmas Eve bombing hoax and blamed the Nigerian Muslim pasty for having links to Al-Qaeda (made in Israel) Al-Qaeda. This gave a golden opportunity to pro-Israeli Jewish Senator Joe Lieberman who said on Fox News: “Iraq was yesterday war. Afghanistan is today’s war. If we don’t act preemptively, Yemen could be our next war. That’s the danger we face.” Obama was quick to offer every help to President Ali Abdullah Saleh, diretly and indirectly through Saudi Arabi, to make sure Yemen doesn’t fall into those anti-Zionist Iranian Islamists. He despatched Gen. David Petraeus (an Israel-firster) to Yemeni capital Sana’s. According to FARS News, during Saleh-Petraeus meeting (January 2, 2010), the two agreed to have the US build a millitary base on the Island of Socotra which would be only 3000 km away from one America’s largest naval base at Diego Garcia (Indian Ocean). This new base will allow both the US and Israel to keep an eye on the commercial and military vessels from China and Russian passing through this stategic waterway.

Keith Johnson in an article titled Israel, Yemen, the Gold Watch and Everything! wrote:

The fingerprints of Israel’s meddling are all over the place in Yemen. And you better believe that we’ll be hearing a lot more about Yemeni connections to all manner of atrocities committed in the name of “Allah” against the United States. Israel will make darn sure of that. And what’s my evidence? Well, recent history would be a good place to start.

Does anybody remember the USS Cole? In October, 2000 while refueling in the Port of Aden, the USS Cole was sunk by a small boat loaded with explosives, resulting in the death of 17 soldiers and injuring another 39. Samples of the explosives taken from the ships hull revealed that the explosive was of a type only available in the U.S. and…(drum roll please) that’s right-Israel!

How about the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Sa’ana? In October 2008 Yemeni security forces arrested a group of alleged Islamists militants linked to Israeli intelligence in connection to that provocatuered attack. The network was described as 40 people from different Arab nationalities that were spying for the Mossad. Say it ain’t so, Joe!

Israel has even been linked to the Somali piracy trade when Somali pirates were found to have telephone links to former Israeli Prime minister Ehud Olmert’s office. Nasty business.

Now how could our “only ally in the Middle East” do such awful things to their best friend in the whole wide world? Simple. It’s the old Mossad “we will wage war by way of deception” technique of carrying out attacks on your ally and blaming it on the one’s you want your ally to attack in retaliation (in layman’s terms of course).

So what’s the hubbub, bub? Why all this activity concentrated in and around Yemen? Well, Israel has always salivated over controlling that region. In an article appearing in “The Yemen Times” on October 26, 2008 titled “Israeli Strategy to occupy Al-Mandab Strait” Najeeb Al-Ghurbani writes:

If you want an even better grasp on the Israeli strategy you can find it in Saudi Arabian Colonel Turki Al-Anazi’s “Strategy Research Project” document titled “Strategic Importance of the Red Sea”. Starting on page 13 under the heading “Israeli Strategy”, Col. Al-Anazi states:

“Free navigation to and from Eilat is considered absolutely essential to Israel’s security and economic interests and to reduce Israel’s political isolation, due to the enmity with its Arab neighbors.

The Red Sea’s importance for Israel grew since it is the best waterway for shipping and trade with East Africa and the Far East. The prime concern for the Israelis is to secure free passage through the straits of the Red Sea so it would not be under any political or economical pressure.

The Israeli strategy in the Red Sea stands on certain bases.

First, the necessity of Israel’s security that demands controlling the straits and waterways of the Red Sea and preventing any of its adversaries from controlling them.

Secondly, the Red Sea is vital to Israel’s economic well being since it’s a maritime route to the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean’s and links it to Asian and African trading markets.

The Israelis even set their own goals dealing with the Red Sea region, which are:

1.) To secure free navigation on the Red Sea

2.) To accomplish a strategic depth in the Red Sea, which enable Israel to monitor the Arab military in this region

3.) To break any Arab blockade on any of the Red Sea straits, waterways or on the Israeli ships

4.) To guarantee and secure the civilian line and military lines in the Red Sea which are directed to the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal or to the Indian Ocean through the Strait of Bab Al-Mandab.”

Webster Tarpley in his assessment of the situation points out that the objective in Yemen is to break it up into micro-states and mini-states. And there are at least four groups that can be used to facilitate this. To the north are the Shiite Houthie rebels who are supported by Iran and fighting in opposition to the central government. Then we have the Saudi backed Sunni who are in support of the central government. Throw in some hard lined Communist left-overs from the old soviet days and a bunch of Guantanamo ex-cons and escaped prisoners joining the CIA…uh, I mean…al-Queda and you’ve got the makings of one hell of a party!

And of course after they get through killing each other off and pieces of Yemen start breaking into sub-regions and enclaves, Obama can step in with his Nobel prize in hand and offer humanitarian aid and assistance; which essentially means Wall Street, Tel-Aviv and London coming in for the kill under the President’s left cover.

And by the time its all over, the U.S. will have set a nice little table for its client state Israel to feast upon.

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