Mossad in Caucasus

Israeli dissident writer, Israel Shamir, while attending last December Conference on Palestine in Ankara (Turkey) – gave an interview in which he observed that Turkey is changing its course from, very pro-American and pro-Israeli to more independent and subsequently less Zionized. The Turks are proud of the brave stand of their prime minister for Palestine and against Israeli president Shimon Peres. “Turkey is changing from violently secular, anti-religious, so in 1940s Kemalist regime, but there are still a lot of vestige as huge portraits of Attaturk are still hanging on the capital buildings while student girls in headscarfs are still frowned upon if actually not forbidden to enter University… It seems that Turkey’s Parliament has still much work to do on the way to democracy – they should downgrade their unelected Supreme Court, bring Army and intelligence generals into obedience, provide for religious freedom for majority Muslims (over 99% of population). But first they remove American military bases and kick NATO out….. Turkey should make peace with its own past – the splendid past of the Khilafhate, the ruler of the East, the head of the Muslim believers and the protector of the Christians….”

Israel Shamir further recommended that following the lead of Spanish and British court, Turkey too should issue arrest warrants for the Israeli war criminals, such as, Tzipi Livni and the homicidal Israeli Captain who murdered a Palestinian child Iman Al-Hams but feted in Israel as a hero. Israel Shamir said that such warrants would not be any different than Israeli law that “if a Turk do a wrong to a Jew in Turkey, he maybe kidnapped, arrested, tried and punished in Israel”.

“In Europe if you inspect the coffers of anti-Muslim neonazi groups, you will find they thrive on Jewish support. In Russia, Jewish nationalists and Zionists try to rally the Russians against their Muslim brethren. Some time they do it under cover of Russian Church, or Russian nationalism. The most frequent anti-Muslim forces in Russia are organized by Crypto-Zionists” reported Israel Shamir.

 As the case is in all major power countries (the US, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, etc.) the Jews have powerful pro-Israel lobby groups in Russia too. The president of the Institute for Middle Eastern Studies in Moscow, Stanovsky was reported saying: “For us, there is no distinction between rebels and terrorists, as there is in Europe. They’re all part of the same Jihad, and on this we agree with Israel”. The murder of Russian FSB defector Alexander Litvinenko in 2008 had all foot-prints of a Mossad False-Flag operation. In an ironic twist, it was Boris Berezovsky, a Zionist Russian exiled oligarch, who announced that Alexander Litvinenko converted to Islam on his death bed.

Turkey, Russia and Palestine are all targets of the pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups. The recent passage of the anti-Turkey Armenian Genocide bill is part of that game. Under pressure from these groups, Washington is planning NATO role in Afghanistan, the Middle East and the Caucasus. Over 25 million Muslims live within Russia and the Caucasus region, which is considered a great threat to the Israeli interests in that area by the Zionist mafia.

Eric Walberg in his latest article titled Russia, Azerbaijan/Armenia: All roads lead to Caucasus wrote:

The Russian Federation republics of Chechnya, Dagestan, North Ossetia and Ingushetia have experienced a sharp increase in assassinations and terrorist bombings in the past few years which have reached into the heart of Russia itself, most spectacularly with the bombing of the Moscow-Leningrad express train in January that killed 26.

Since the early 1990s, militants such as Shabban have operated from camps in Georgia’s Pansiki Gorge, and used the region as a safe haven to launch attack inside Chechnya and the greater Caucasus. The FSB said Shabban “masterminded acts of sabotage to blast railway tracks, transmission lines, and gas and oil pipelines at instructions by Georgian secret services (trained and armed by Mossad).”

The other Caucasian conflict is the long running tragedy of Nagorno Karabakh, which unlike the other conflicts pits two supposed NATO hopefuls against each other. The war occurred from 1988-94, dating from the dying days of the Soviet Union, when Armenia invaded Azerbaijan, carving out a corridor through the country to seize the mountain region populated for over a millennium largely by ethnic Armenians. A ceasefire was finally achieved leaving Armenia in possession of the enclave and a corridor, together consisting of almost 20 per cent of Azerbaijani territory. As many as 40,000 died, and 230,000 Armenians and a million Azeris were displaced.

The rapprochement between Turkey and Armenia, which at first set off alarm bells in Baku, relying as it does internationally on the support of Turkey, which closed its borders with Armenia in 1993 in response to the Armenian occupation. Turkey established diplomatic relations with Armenia last year in keeping with the Justice and Development Party’s “zero problems with neighbours”, but says ratification by parliament and a full border opening will not happen until Armenia makes some concessions to Azerbaijan.

Since 1991 a new Silk Road has been opened to the West, stretching as it did a millennium ago from Italy to China and taking in at least seventeen new political entities. All roads, in this case, lead to the Caucasus, and US-NATO interest in this vital crossroads should surprise no one. US control there — and in the Central Asian“stans” — would mean containing Russia and Iran, the dream for American strategists since WWII.

The three major wars of the past decade – Yugoslavia (1999), Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003) – all lie on this Silk Road. The US and the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance had no business invading any of these countries and have no business in the region today. Rather it is Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, China, India, Turkey et al that must come together to promote their regional economic well being and security.

4 responses to “Mossad in Caucasus

  1. belgianhomingpigeon

    I thought Prime Minister Erdogan was against recognizing the Armenian Genocide? If Armenia and Turkey are making rapprochements and Erdogan is going to make the break with Israel why not recognize the Armenian genocide since from what I have read, the Jews were responsible for it anyway?

    This would really throw a monkey wrench into JOG’s propaganda machine. I’m betting that Ahmadinejad would back him up for this statement. That would awaken some of the people who are still undecided about the nature of the Jews.

    Here’s one article that claims Erdogan is an American puppet. Hard to tell if it has any merit since it came from Englishman and not a local Turk. What do you think Rehmat?

  2. Kemalists are even on Islamic forums attacking any who support the new approach and any who name the crytpo-Jews in the Kemalist history.

    Keep up the good work.
    Read your comment on AL’s board.

  3. Well belgianhomingpigeon – character assassination is the major job of an Israeli Hasbara member – and if Erdogan is labeled as an “American puppet” – then it proves he is not. Remember last year we heard from a British newspaper that Ahmadinejad is “Jewish”!

    Like the “Six Million Died” Holocaust myth – the “1.5 Million Died” genocide myth has not been proved in the court of law.

    I don’t know what Erdogan’s personal opinion is on this topic – but as the elected prime minister of Turk majority, who refuses to believe in Armenian genocide as the anti-Turk Armenien and Zionist Jews want the world to accept – plus the Turkish Armed Forces and Judiciary still occupied by the Crypto-Jews – it’s better for the Islamists to bring the change “one step at the time” – and don’t copy Barack Obama’s rhetoric of “the change” which he was taught by the powerful Jewish lobby to fool the American public.

  4. It’s a simple case of power shift. As America’s grip around the world (resources) slowly erodes away, people or leaders who once had alliance through fear with America are now slowly but openly challenging the Americans.

    Turkey is going though a shift in power or a slow revolution, its constitution is being changed gradually back to its Islamic ideaology.

    Iran is openly mocking USA and America is going back on its words (axis of evil) and trying to create friendship with Syria.

    The worst one to come out on top will be Israel, since its surrounded by enemies, and like all empires that fall, USA will too very soon and how can Israel not see this. They are the real fools.

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