The “Gender Jihad”

 “I think the kind of Islam that wants to force women to wear a veil or headscarf won’t be around in 20 years,” Asra Nomani

Mumbai-born professor Asra Q. Nomani (b. 1965) is an American academic, author and self-styled women-rights activist for the Muslim women. She was a staff reporter for 15 years at the pro-Israel Jewish-owned The Wall Street Journal and has been a familiar face on almost every major Zionist media outlet such as CNN, The New York Times, Salon magazine, Newsweek, Harper’s magazine, Reuters, etc. The Wall Street Journal’s Jewish reporter Daniel Pearle stayed at her home in Karachi in 2002 from where he was kidnapped. Her friends include Dr. Amina Abdul Wadud. The New York Times (March 1, 2005) called her religious activism Rosa-Parks style.

In a recent interview with Alfred Hackenberger, published in under the heading Gender Jihad in the Service of Women’s Rights, in which she asserted “there is no contradiction between Islam and feminism”. However, her standard of “feminism” is no different than Jewish feminist Gloria Steinem or the pro-Israel Jewish groupds’ darling, lesbian Muslim Refotmer Irshad Manji, or Zalmay Khalilzad’s Vienna-born Jewish wife, Cheryl Benard, a senior adviser at the California-based Zionist think tank, the RAND. They all want to reform Islam in the image of western culture. As the West’s “moderate Islamic scholars” – these sell-outs, without understanding Holy Qur’an in its original text – want the Muslims to believe that there is no Qur’anic commandment when it comes to “an Islamic State, Hijab, women rights in demestic, social and political life, Shari’ah’s punishments for adultry, alcoholism, murder and of course the military Jihad.

Asra Nomani do admit in her interview: “I think Islam was originally a feminist religion. The Prophet Muhammad was a feminist, like his first wife Khadija, his daughter Fatima and his wife Aisha. None of them allowed them to be pushed aside, and they all spoke their minds. I don’t think Islamic feminism is an apparent contrdiction. My experience is that women have to fight the male power in Islam with the same dynamics as in all other religions”. However, admitting that truth about Islam – Asra Nomani whine like the famous Zionist Jew Islamophobe, Daniel Pipes – attacking veil: “If you cover the face of a woman, it de-personifies her. The removal of the veil is a crucial element of gender Jihad, because doing that we dispel ignorance”.

In other words, according to Asra Nomani’s definition – the veil-wearing Iranian professor Zahra Rahnavard PhD (wife of Iran’s defeated presidential candidate, Mir-Hossein Mousavi)  – is an ignorant person! She happens to be selected No.3 among the Zionist think tank, Foreign Policy’s “Top 100 Global Thinkers” in December 2009.

Asra Nomani quotes anti-Islam and anti-Muslim stereotype to hide her own Islamophobic nature. She says that the Saudis have inserted veil being compulsary in the translation of Holy Qur’an. I wonder, why she trust a translation and not learn Arabic language to understand the true message of Holy Qur’an. She blame Iran for the abuse of women rights while igoring the fact that her adopted country (the US) is one of world’s top women abuser, according to Amnesty International.

Asra Nomani also believes that these translations “justifies violence against women and suicide attacks with an allegedly literal interpretation of the Koran and suggests that a Muslim should not make friends with Jews and Christians if at all possibe”. I guess she doesn’t know that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had married two Jewish widows and one Egyptian Christian slave woman. Furthermore, while both the Bible and Talmud curse the Jews and Christians and even insult and ridicule the Biblical prophets – Holy Qur’an accepts all Biblical prophets as righteous people and calls both Yahud and Nasara as the “People of Book”. However, Holy Qur’an allows Muslims to have non-Muslims as friends and even allow Muslims to have non-Muslim wives – but warns the Believers not to trust non-Muslims blindly.

If Islamic teachings really suppresses women aspirations – why the former dancer, singer, actress and model, Mary Habiba Davidson 27, after converting to Islam, left her successful “modern life-style”. She says: “There are certain thing that I would not do because of my religion now. I would not want to wear a bikini in one of my videos or sing something meaningless. My religion has not stopped me what I can do. It has helped pave my career. It has inspired me in my singing and the messages I want to spread about peace and love”. Her private company has been so successful that she was nominated for the “Business Personality of the Year 2009 Award”.

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