Veiled vs the ‘liberated’ women

Since 1975, the United Narions International Women’s Day has been celebrated, annually, on March 8 with mostly rhetorics and half promises concerning the women-sufferage around the world. However, the women in the so-called “civilized world” are still treated worse in many cases than their sisters in the third-world and the Muslim world. They have long way to go to achieve the equality with men in the so-called “civilized” western countries where Islamic modest dress-code is projected as a symbol of oppression. It seems that the small piece of garment (veil) worn by Muslim women has become the greatest threat to western culture since the days of Crusades.

Interestingly, the women’s right activists include many Islamophobes like Crypto-Jew, French President Sarkozy, Zionist Jews Daniel Pipes and Bernard-Henri Levy, who defending his fellow Jew Roman Polanski in the rape of a 13-year-old girl last year on the stupid assertion that the rape happened 32-year-ago and since Polanaki is the so-called “holocaust survivor”, he has already suffered for his and fellow Jews’ crimes as Jesus did for the Christians!

I have expressed my opinion of this subject a few times in the past which can be read here, here and here. However, two articles caught my attention on this year’s International Women’s Day – showing the opinions of two non-Muslim writers. One is written by Agustin Velloso, titled With a veil on their heads and a blindfold on our eyes (Warning: The writer has used some Israeli porn pictures to prove his point) – and the other article is written by Shobha Shukla, titled A pat on women’s back.

Agustin Velloso wrote: “The national press continue to include articles of opinion and letter to the editor relating to the veil. The truth is this insignificant garment, as well as covering the heads of a Muslim women, is useful for covering up the situation of Spanish women. Are these jounalists less than fifty years old? Because unless this is the case, they should recognize their mothers and aunts in this photograph. And what we see here? Only women, all of them with veils. What backwardness! And such a shame that the ISAF had still not been invented to liberate them by bombing, returning them their rights via missile launched from drones. Did they not realize that a fundamentalist religion (Christianity) was separating them from men and reducing them to machines which repeated a senseless ritual? Stand up, kneel down, sit down, do what you are told, shut up!”

There are over 13,000 Catholic Nuns in Spain alone who are forced not only to hide behind the veil but also behind a wall of iron and stone. so why is this valid for the Catholic relgion and not for the Muslim religion? Why there are more and more women born in the second half of the Twentieth Century in Western countries who use the veil? why does the number of women who enter religious orders seems to increase whilst the number diminishes elsewhere?

So in Spain, veil is only worn to the altar on wedding days where it is exchanged for chain till death, unless divorce remedies it. What happened in the homes in the meantime runs as follows: “According to a survey how time is used, developed by the National Statistics Institute in 2002-2003, 92.2% of women dedicate an average of 4 hours 45 minutes per day to housework and family care, 69.9% of men dedicate only 2 hours 4 minutes per day.” In another survey, Spanish courts received 35, 270 reports relating to gender violence between July and September 2009 – and if their is no significant variation – it is predicted that 2010 would end up with 150,000 such reports.

“Are women in the West not subjected to significant social pressure? Does she not think that publicity, television, films and fashion designers have at least the same control as in other societies? If she thinks Muslim veil subordinates women to men, do not the following have a similar mission? Thong showing, the padded bra, stiletto heels, tight clothes and small sizes, plastic surgery to increase breasts and lips – even in minors – full depilation, weight and shape control, etc. Some Spanish women are very liberated. So much that they dress like prostitutes did not dare to just a few decades ago. However, apart from their skin, they do not have much to show about liberation to women who, with or without the veil, are in the front line in resistance to imperialism, capitalism and machismo.”

And finally Agustin ask the ‘one million dollar question’ – “How does our reader think that in 2010 women’s subordination to men should be combated? Watching a hot television series or a reality show about bed scandals, reading a magazine about female celebrities or attending a sexy fashion parade? Is not there more work to be done to remove the blindfold from Spanish and Western women’s eyes than eliminating the veil in other countries? If we compare the supposed damage the veil causes to women who live in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine, and the suffering caused by the attacks and occupation of Western powers with the collusion of left-wing and feminist Spain, it would be suitable to ask the Palestinian mother in the photograph –who has helplessly witnessed her son’s assassination by the Israeli army- if she desires a philippic from European feminist women regarding her traditional dress or if she prefers them to show off their knickers in their own country and leave her alone.”

Shobha Shukla wrote: “Almost half the world’s population are women and at least one third of the official world’s labor force are women – but they receive only one-tenth of the world income. About 25,000 brides are burned to death each year in India because of insufficient dowries. According to UNICEF, 100 to 140 million women and girls have undergone some form of genital mutilation. Rape as a weapon of war has been used in Mexico, Rwanda, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Haiti, Columbia, Palestine, Bosnia, and many other places. Indian vlliage Devda (Rajasthan) has earned notoriety for female infanticide by killing the female child on her birth (close to one million female pregnancies are destroyed each year in India).”

“After 14 years of mostly rhetorical and half hearted efforts, the women’s quota bill to reserve 33% seats in legislatures for women is likely to become a reality this year. Dictated more by political compunctions, and less by noble intentions, this is undoubtedly a much deserved bonanza and truly a ‘women’s day gift’. Once passed by the Parliament and ratified by at least 50% of the state assemblies, one in every three constituency will be reserved for women. This is already sending shivers down the spines of many of our male members of the Parliament, as many of them feel the threat of losing their seats and looking at other career options. A national daily newspaper quoted an MP, echoing the mood of the male establishment, rueing that, “When we say ‘YES’, we may well be signing our own death warrants.”

“Headdresses have been the part of the human race since humanity first found itself on Earth. Headdressesses (or headcoverings) have been used for protection from the elements, for ceremonial reasons, or to signify some sort of an official affiliation….. ” Hesham Tillawi PhD.


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