Obama-Bibi “kabuki (Japanese dance-drama)”

As it stands now, the US is subsidizing and supporting the expansion of the Jewish state at the expense of the Palestinians, while Israelis are doing their best to drag us in a war with Iran, and ignite the whole region. The ensuing choas would give cover to complete the goal of the extremist Likud-far right alliance: the establishment of a Greater Israel,” Justin Raimondo in Stop funding the Israelis.

Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi), the prime minister of the Zionist entity came to Washington this week not with a bowl in his hands and tail between his legs – but as a conquerer. He did conquered the Congress by a rousing reception and the blind support of nearly 300 members for Israel’s warmongering policies against Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and Islamic Iran. However, Bibi was humiliated by Barack Obama on Tuesday at the end of their “friendly” meeting at the White House. Obama refused to pose for a photo with his ‘honoable guest’ and did not invite him for the customary dinner at the White House either.

“The Prime Minister leaves America disgraced, isolated and altogether weaker than when he came,” the Israeli daily Ha’aretz wrote.

I think Obama’s health-care victory, which opposed by the Jewish Lobb lead by Israel’s unofficial representative at the Capitol Hill, Senator Lieberman, provided the necessary booster to Obama to give Bibi the dressing the later desrved. Bibi, his defence minister Barack Ehud and his ambassador Oren were all confident that Obama being traped in national problems – will sign in Israeli shopping list without much resistance. The list included the new arms for Tel Aviv, immediate US military attack on Iranian nuclear facilities and no criticism of new Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem.

Pepe Escobar, wrote in Asia Times (March 26, 2010) under the heading Obama squeezed between Israel and Iran:

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) annual show in Washington would hardly be out of place in a Quentin Tarantino movie; picture a giant hall crammed with 7,500 very powerful people regimented by a very powerful lobby – plus half of the United States Senate and more than a third of the congress – basically calling in unison for Palestinian and Iranian blood.

The AIPAC 2010 show predictably was yet one more “bomb Iran” special; but it was also a call to arms against the Barack Obama administration, as far as the turbo-charging of the illegal colonization of East Jerusalem is concerned. Corporate media insisted there was a deep “crisis” between the unshakeable allies. Nonsense. One just has to look at the facts.

AIPAC arm-twisted members of the US Congress to sign a letter to the White House calling for the US to bypass the United Nations Security Council and unilaterally sanction Iran. And AIPAC also urged lawmakers to pass with no comments the annual US$3 billion US aid to Israel. This means the new made-in-USA F-35 fighter jets Israel buys will be basically financed by US taxpayers.

No surprises here. This is a congress that backed Israel’s assault in Gaza in late 2008 and condemned the Goldstone Report on Israeli atrocities in that conflict by a vote of 334 to 36. After all, the Democratic party depends heavily on very wealthy Jewish – and Zionist – donors for a chunk of its budget.

When Obama, as a presidential candidate, addressed AIPAC on June 3, 2008, he said, “We will also use all elements of American power to pressure Iran. I will do everything in my power to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Everything in my power. Everything and I mean everything.” Obama even pulled a Netanyahu avant la lettre and declared, “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.”

But crisis? What crisis? Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies could not have put it better. “Someone seems to have told the Obama administration that a series of polite requests equals pressure. It doesn’t. Real pressure looks like this: ‘Please stop settlements.’ Answer: ‘No.’ ‘Then, you know that $30 billion that Bush arranged for you from US tax money, and we agreed to pay – you can kiss that goodbye.’ That’s what pressure looks like.”

It won’t happen. This “crisis” between Tel Aviv and Washington is a non-event. On the other hand, no one knows exactly whatever hardball Obama and Netanyahu played behind closed doors for three-and-a-half hours in Washington. Did Netanyahu “spit into Obama’s eye”, according to Israeli Labor Party member Eitan Cabel? Or was this was just more kabuki designed to obscure a not-so-silent drive towards an attack on Iran – where once again fresh American blood will be spilled to placate a non-existent “existential threat” to Israel?

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  1. WoW!!!!!!!!!!! Rehmat?????????????? Didn’t you see the jewish movie “Exodus”???????

    Just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for an excellent essay and info!


    PS Re good jewish movies: I like “DEFAMATION” by Yoav Shamir!!

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