‘Save Darfur’ funds Israeli settlements

Israeli daily ‘The Jerusalem Post’ boasted on April 27, 2006: “Little known is that the ‘Save Darfur’ which has presented itself as alliance of over 130 diverse faith-based humanitarian and human-right organizations was actually begun exclusively as an initiative of the American Jewish community. It were the Jew who were leading the April 30 Washington DC rally and placing full-page advertisement in major newspapers and ubiquitous television spots. The newspaper adds are heavily weighted with a political (pro-Israel) and religiously (Islamophobia) diverse collection of local and national Jewish groups”.

One of the many Jewish and evangelican groups involved – reported by the paper was the Jewish Community Relation Council (JCRC) is well-known for its pro-Israel advocacy and is headed by no other than by the former top oancho of AIPAC, Thomas Dine. An Israeli flag was waving prominently at the rally. Another main organizer of the rally, according to JP, was former Manhattan bourough president Ruth Messinger and her pro-Israel AJWS group. It was Washington DC Holocaust Museum which first claimed that Khartoum is carrying out a ‘genocide’ (not Holocaust, because that term is reserved only for the sufferings of the Jewish world minority) in Darfur.

Anti-Sudan propaganda was initiated in 1993 by an Israeli advocate Charles Jacobs (co-founder of Israeli think tank CAMERA) over the issue of slavery (the self-denial Zionist did not want to admit that sex-slavey is legalized in Israel, as long as the victim is not Jewish). He was joined by Barbara Ledeen, wife of neocon columnist Michael Ledeen, and ‘Israel-First’ Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby.

Many independent analysts have reported that the so called “Dafur Genocide” is an anti-Muslim myth propagated by the pro-Israel lobby to demean Islam and the Muslim world – in order to divert world’s intention from Israeli facism. Now there are news filtering out that almost half of US$100 million fund raised in the name of the sufferings of the Darfurian Christians and African – has ended up in Israeli banks and is being used to expand Jewish settlements on the land stolen from Palestinian Muslim and Christian natives. The UN and international aid workers involved in the Dafur relief effort are quietly proud of the fact that Dafur refugees are the beneficiaries of one of, if not the largest, best run relief works in history. These aid workers also acknowledge the fact that the Sudanese government played a critical role in support of the relief effort, which could not have succeeded without such support. It doesn’t add up that on one hand the Sudanese government was committing genocide against the people of Dafur while at the same time playing a critical role in operating the largest best run relief works in history in support of the Dafur people.

Thomas C. Mountain in an article early this month wrote:

“Persons working with aid organizations assisting the victims of the Darfur conflict have passed on the news that they have confirmed through their contacts in the so called “Save Darfur Coalition” that millions of dollars raised to help the Darfur refugees have ended up in Israeli bank accounts. These accounts help fund programs that include illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. The Dafur funds were diverted to Israel by either co-mingling the funds with those used to support the Israeli projects or through a more complex system of grants to other “aid” or “relief” organizations that allowed the eventual destination of the funds to be almost impossible to trace.

As previously reported, a western funded genocide is being committed in the Ethiopian Ogaden by the Ethiopian government, but no genocide has ever been committed in Dafur. The whole “Dafur Genocide” campaign is nothing more than a smokescreen to vilify the Sudanese government in an attempt to promote western military intervention in oil and mineral rich Sudan, Africa’s largest and potentially wealthiest, country as well as to help divert attention from the real, western funded genocide being carried out in the Ogaden by the western cop on the beat in East Africa, Ethiopia.

The brazenness and breadth of this propaganda campaign has even surprised experienced observers of the long, dirty history of aid diversion in the Horn of Africa. Western governments, the UN, the western media, even Hollywood became part of the act with story lines “exposing” the Dafur “genocide” appearing in dramas such as Boston Legal amongst others. Bernie Maddoff went to prison for his fraud, but it is highly unlikely that an investigation will be launched into the “Dafur Genocide” scam. And only an investigation by the US Justice Department has the power to search, seize and subpoena that will be required to really expose this whole criminal fraud.

So next time you hear about a campaign to “save” Africans be suspicious and remember just how big a lie was told about Dafur and how your hard earned money ended up somewhere you least expected, helping building Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.”


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