Israel benefits from sanctions against Islamic Iran

Allan Hart in his latest post Iran, Israel and an Obama miscalculation in the works? suggested to Barack Obama something which had been demanded by Zionist entity’s all neighbors for the past several decades, but none the US Presidents had the gutts to do that by stading up to the powerful pro-Israel Jewish Lobby (AIPAC, ADL, AJC, etc.).

“On one level of argument there is a case of saying that if he could persuade Tehran to meet his requirements on the development of its nuclear program (which Tehran is entitled being a signatory to the NPT), he could then say to Israel something very like, “I’ve neutralized the Iranian threat, now you must give an absolute priority to making peace with the Palestinians (by negotiating with Palestians’ elected government of Hamas). Even if Obama did succeed in getting what he wants from Iran, that would not improve his chance of bringing Israel to heel, with or without regime change. So from that perspective, Obama will end up being humiliated again. But there is a much worse, even catastrophic scenario. What if moving quickly and forcefully with new sanctions on Iran did not bring about policy change in Tehran?”

Many non-Zionist Middle East experts, military and civilian, are of the opinion that a USrael attack on Iran will make the Islamic regime more popular in Iran than it’s now.

If one study the history of US sanctions against Tehran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution – one might come to the conclusion that pro-Israeli had been at the top who had economically benefited from such sanctions. And once Barack Obama obeys his masters in Tel Aviv and places Bibi’s new Crippling Sanctions, with or without the approval of UNSC, through AIPAC-controlled Congress that would curtail US companies from being involved in sale of gasoline and refining equipment to the Islamic State – it would be Zionists like billionaire Marc Rich. Rich was indicted in the US for making millions of dollars through illegal oil deals with Tehran during the American embassy staff taken hostages for spying against Iranian people in the 1980s. “Rich escaped arrest by taking refuge in Switzerland where he remained until former US president Bill Clinton pardoned him on January 20, 2001 under pressure from AIPAC and Israeli government of Ehud Barak and Shimon Peres (US author Grant F. Smith, in ‘Israel Violates Economic Sanctions Against Iran’, February 10, 2010)”.

If Obama or any of the previous US Presidents have used the US Foreign Assistance Act (1961) which prohibits military assistance to countries that acquire or transfer nuclear reprocessing technology outside NPT (Israel, India, N. Korea and Pakistan are not signatories to NPT, but Islamic Republic is), the Middle East would have not in the mess which it is thanks to Washington’s blind support for the Zionist entity under the hanging-sword of the Jewish lobby groups over both the Republican and Democrat parties.

On the April Fool Day – Barack Obama in an hour-long telephone call to his Chinese counter-part, Hu Jintao, bent on his knees requesting him “to assist Washington in its drive to impose further sanctions against Iran”. Ironically, on the same day, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Qin Gang stated that China supports “Tehran’s right to develop civil nuclear energy” and that Beijing would “seek a peaceful solution to the Iranian nuclear issue”.

Before President Obama orders US soldiers to die in Iran for Israel – one must remind him of his family history of resistance against Judeo-Christian British imperialism. Barak Obama’s paternal grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama, a cook with a White family, joined the Keyan struggle for independence. He was arrested in 1949 and jailed for two years in a high-security prison and brutally tortured. Ombam’s “Granny Sarah (Sarah Onyango Hussein, the third wife of his grandfather)” recalled: “The African warders were instructed by the White soldiers to whip him every morning and evening till he confessed”.

Former UN weapon inspector in Iraq and military consultant to Fox News, William Scott Ritter Jr. (born 1961), in the following video says that there is no proof that Iran is pursuing nuclear bomb or being a threat to the US. It’s a hoax created by some anti-Islamic regime groups and governments in the West. Also read Scott Ritter’s interview with Democracy Now! here.


10 responses to “Israel benefits from sanctions against Islamic Iran

  1. The lengthy write-up: Miscalculations in the works? supports the saying that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!
    Not to dwell and respond to many of the errors in the article, let me deal with two items:
    1) The Iran sanctions. Earlier today Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated that sanction helped Iran’s technological dvelopments, and that further sanction would give additional impetus to that work.
    Sanction were not intended to, and in no way do help, Israel, as stated in the article…
    2) You say that Israel should negotiate with the Palestinian’s elected government of Hamas. How can a Israel, sovereign state, deal with a terrorist entity whose charter calles for the distraction of said state?
    Furthermore, Hamas was only elected by a part of the Palestinians, not representing a majority, or even a respectable part of the Palestinian Authority population.

    Finally, a general comment. The writer of Miscalculation in the works suggests that the United States gets it marching orders from Israel; what a baseless and ridiculous statement. There are indeed Jewish lobbies in Washington as there are Islamic lobbies, lobbies of oil producing nations, as well as lobbies for many causes. Lobbies don’t run Washingto, they do, from time-to-time, influence sone action, but they do not instruct Washington on what to do.
    To suggest that Barak Obama waits for orders to obey from his masters in Tel Aviv is ignorant, and an outright insult to the United States.
    During Netanyahu’s last visit to Washington, President Obama demonstrated that even though Israel is a close ally, it does not call the shots. President George W. Bush, and others before him, also made it clear that in spite of its bond with Israel, Israel has no role in determining United States Policy.
    It is time that intelligent people come to realize that Israel is an important ally of the United States, and a major player in Middle East politics; but it is also time to leave out the foolish notion the there is a “Zionist” conspiracy. Zionism accomplished its mission: There is now a Jewish state in what was once called Palestine!
    There is no Zionist conspiracy; please visit: for more insight into the matter.

  2. Well – I too will limit myself to answering your two ignorant responses and ignore the rest as an Israeli Hasbara fools’ rant.

    1. USraeli threats and sanctined helped Islamic Republic to develope home-made defence mechanism – in which it has succeeded to a large extent. It is more honorable act than cheat the American taxpayers of US$6-14 billion each year to turn fat every year and become a great danger to world peace.

    2. Israel is not a sovereign country. It’s a Zionazi colony built on the military and financial support of the US which some independent analysts believe have cost US public over US$3,000 billion since 1970. The western powers twisted the non-veto members of the UNSC to approve Europe’s unwanted Jews’ occupation of an Arab country in order to solve West’s longstanding “Jewish Problem”. Let me quote a Jewish writer, Roger Tucker, to prove my point: “Zionism is fascism, exactly the same as Nazism. The terminology is slightly different, like the tribal affiliations, but in essence they’re identical”.

    Another proof is from John Kaminiski: “When you read the history of Israel from objective sources, you discover that it is an outlaw state, created by the powers that be by stealing the land from its original inhabitants, and systematically exterminating them ever since.”

    I hope the above will clear the Zionist propaganda mist.

  3. I have only one question. Why the hell they put Israel where nobody wants them? Nothing against israeli people – not so far – but it seems that they’re surrounded by enemies. Or maybe they’re are the everyone else’s enemies.

  4. msc6272 – Answer to your question i very simple. Jews were not accepted in Europe where they lived for centuries – and they were not welcomed in Palestine where they never lived. But since the European were colonial powers in the 1940s – No one could stop them from dump their unwanted Jewish population in Palestine by arming the Zionazis to uproot the native Muslims and Christians via western terrorism.

    A Jewish writer, Roger Tucker, explain what devil the Western leaders created:

  5. rehmat1, Speaks as if Jews were not wanted in Palestine; there was never a sovereign Palestine, and likley will never be one! Those Arabs in the area are newcomers, Jews have been there for thousands of years.
    Jordan is a creation of the UK under League of Nations Mandate, but with no legal authority. All the Arab “Kingdoms,” are also illegal creations of the Britts, making “sovereigns” out of nomads.
    In what was referred to as Palestine Jews have more roots, and historic sovereignty than anyone else!

    • Historically, Jews were never wanted in Europe. They’re expelled from every European country over 108 times. That proves that your Zionazi brain is stuck between your legs?

      Arabs entered Jeurusalem in 638 CE without killing a single Jew or Christian. They returned Temple of Mount ruins, which were used as city garbage dump by Christians – to Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. For this good deed, the Chief Rabbi had proclaimed the leader of Arab Force, Khalifa Umar “The promised Hebrew Messiah”.

      • So you essentially agree with me. The whole of what was greater Palestine (including Jordan, Gaza, the Golan, etc.), based on [long-term] history should today’s Jewish Israel, right?

    • So you esentially agree with me that your brain do hang between your Zionist Jewish legs. There was never a greater Palestine. Jordan, Gaza, Lebanon and Golan Heights were all part of Al-Sham (Greater Syria).

  6. Your lack of knowledge is only surpassed by your crude and rude language. What I have “stuck between my legs”, has more cerebral capacity then what you have above your shoulders. As to history, Jews occupied the area you speak of 2500 years, before Islam even existed!

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