Peres: Hizb’Allah got Scud missiles

If I were Israeli President – I would too have “cried wolf” as Shimon Peres did a few days ago. I mean as Israeli President – who would know better than he how 30,000 well-fed Israeli soldiers backed-up by American donated F16s, gunships, drones, tanks and other WMDs – were humiliated by little over 1,000  Hizb’Allah resistance-fighters, equipped with pnly guns and old-fashioned rockets, during 34-day Israeli invasion of Lebanon in Summer 2006. Now, Israeli Mossad has found that some of the 20-year-old scrapped Syrian Scud missile have found their way into the hands of Hizb’Allah fighters – who according to Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “Today, Hezbollah is the real Lebanese Army“.

A very paranoid Shimon Peres told Israeli press before flying to Paris to convey Israeli fears to his old buddy French President Nicolas Sarkozy (son of a Jewish mother and a former Mossad asset): “Syria claims it wants peace while at the same time it delivers Scuds to Hizb’Allah whose only goal is threaten the state of Israel”. The readers may not have noticed that while lying about Hizb’Allah’s intentions toward the Zionist entity which had occupied Southern Lebanon for close to 20 years after being forced to retreat under Hizb’Allah’s resistance fighters in 2000. Israel still holds on to Lebanese Shebaa Farms and the Golan Heights – Peres did call his entity as “Jewish State of Israel”, which every Zionist wants the world to believe.

Shimon Peres has every right to fear the Scuds in Hizb’Allah hands especially Scuds’ capability to inflict massive damage to Israel’s Jewish settlers. If one recall – Saddam Hussein’s Armed forces fired 39 Scuds into Tel Aviv and Haifa during 1990-91 US-Iraq War, which killed only a few Israelis!

Robert Fisk in a column in The Independent (April 16, 2010) wrote:

If Lebanon had a US-style colour-coded “war-fear” alert ranging from white to purple, we are now – courtesy of Israeli president Shimon Peres, the White House spokesman and the head of the Lebanese Hizbollah militia, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah – hovering somewhere between pink and red. Has Syria given the Hizbollah a set of Scud ground-to-ground missiles to fire at Israel? Can Israeli aircraft attack them if the Hizbollah also possess anti-aircraft missiles? Can the Lebanese army take these weapons from the Hizbollah before the balloon goes up?

It is a long-standing saga, of course, and Israel has been itching to get its own back on the world’s most disciplined guerrilla movement. You can forget al-Qa’ida when it comes to Hizbollah’s effectiveness – after the Israeli army’s lamentable performance in 2006, when it promised to destroy the Hizbollah and ended up, after the usual 1000-plus civilian dead, pleading for a ceasefire. Over the past few months, Mr Nasrallah has been taunting the Israelis to have another go, promising that an Israeli missile attack on Beirut airport will be followed by a Hizbollah rocket attack on Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport.

A clue to the seriousness with which everyone now takes the possibility of war is contained in a remark made by an anonymous US spokesman who warned that the transfer of Scud missiles to Hizbollah would represent a “serious risk” to Lebanon. Not to Israel, mark you – but to Lebanon. There is no doubt that this is an allusion to frequent threats from the Israelis themselves that in another war with Hizbollah, the Lebanese government would be held responsible and as a result Lebanon’s infrastructure would be destroyed.

This does not sound so bad in Lebanon as it does elsewhere. For in its last Lebanese war – the fifth since 1978 – the Israelis blamed the Lebanese government for Hizbollah’s existence and smashed up the country’s roads, bridges, viaducts, electricity grid and civilian factories, as well as killing well over 1,000 civilians. Israel’s casualties were in the hundreds, most of them soldiers. What worse can Israel do now against the ruthlessness of the Hizbollah, even after the accusations of war crimes levelled against its equally ruthless rabble of an army?

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