Israelis and Gays – birds of a feather

The blockbuster released porn movie “Men Of Israel” has won several awards like “Must Owned Movie of the Year” (TLA Gay Awards), “Movie of the Year” (Cybersocket Awards) and “Best Movie” (Grabby Awards). The movie is produced by “Lucas Entertainment” owned by American porn idol Michael Lucas, who commented: “I am proud to bring Israeli men to the world. I am also overjoyed that others find them hot and sexual and have gotten so much pleasure from watching these studs”. The movie received hot reviews from most of the Jewish-owned mainstream US media, such as the Las Angeles Times, Newsweek, The New York Press and Chelsea Lately.

After 2006 military setback, Lucas performed a live sex show in a Tel Aviv nightclub to entertain Israeli soldiers. He claimed that he has exposed the reality that the people of Israel face right now, especially that of gay Israelis who are targeted by the hate of Hizb’Allah”.

In the recent years, varied Hasbara gimmicks including pornography have been used to shore-up world’s opinion of Israel Occupation Force (IOF) as a fighting force and its soldiers having any moral responsiblities. Lucas Entertainment and Steele Travel have been reaching out to the gay community for their support for Israel’s declining tourist industry. These tours also include an added attraction which most gay tourists would like to miss – a visit to IOF base and a momento picture with a sexy soldier taken by a professional photographer. Tel Aviv will be holding its annual Gay Parade on June 11, 2010.

Porn and sex-slavery is a booming business in the Zionist entity – reported worth over US$1 billion in 2006. Tel Aviv alone is home to 280 brothels plus live-porn nightclubs. Israel’s tourist industry proudly presents Tel Aviv to be the Gay Capital of the World.

Benjamin Jeremy “Ben” Stein (born 1944), former Jewish speechwriter for US Presidents Robert Nixon and Gerald Ford and Hollywood actor, once said that Hollywood is 60% Jewish – but the insiders say that almost entire gay and lesbian actors and actresses in Hollywood are Jewish. Canadian Jewish academic Henry Makow PhD, explained it better how Hollywood Jews are projecting gayism as being ‘American culture’.

Simon Jones, a Jewish blogger, posted an interesting article, titled Jews and gays – birds of a feather, in which he wrote:

It is astounding that so few people have removed their blinkers. Mine were ripped off early for a very good reason. Being Jewish, White and a gay – one strikingly similar to the Jews though with significant differences…. Like Jews, gays have ancient roots of persecution and have been mostly outcast since the rise of Christianity (though the roots of persecution, ironically, are in the Torah). This persecution complex – I know it first hand – leaves a indelible mark on one’s character – defiance of a hypocritical, unjust society, a desire for revenge, a feeling of superiority and lack of patriotism.

Jews love to attack critics by labelling them ‘anti-Semites’, a late 19th century construct which is completely inaccurate, as most Jews are Caucasians Ashkenazi, while Arabs and the relatively few Sephardic Jews are Semites. It is the term which underlines the essentialy racist attitude of the contemporary Jews in describing themselves. The Jews cannot face a reasoned, rational objection to their IDEAS, and stick to the mantra ” it is because of what we are, and not what we do“.

Jews will insist that they are not racists, that it is the goys that are racists, and then, without batting an eye, talk about their DNA and defend unconditionally the only blatantly racist state – Israel, unique among sovereign states (except for Nazi Germany). Judaism is a veritable ‘shell game’; a religion, no – an identity, oops – a culture, wrong again – a tradition. It is slippery fish – whatever fits the bill at the moment…..”

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