Arundhati Roy exposes Hindutva and Islamophobia

Indian author, peace activist and former Tamil film actress, Arundhati Roy (born 1959), was interviewed on March 24, 2010 at the Lensic Theater in Santa Fe, New Mexico by Avram (Ari) David Lewis for Al-Jazeera (English). She talks about Islamophobia, Hindu extremists (Hindutva), vast economic disparity between rich minority and the majority of Indian population living in acute poverty and various resistance wars in India and Afghanistan (watch the video below).

Arundhati Roy voiced her reasons for her support for the Moist rebellion against the brutal policies of the Central government in New Delhi. She recently spent two weeks among the Moist rebels in the jungles to understand their greivances first hand. She said that India is not a democracy but a “police state”. She also mentioned Mossad’s involvement in the on-going Civil War in India.

Arundhati Roy said that after the defeat of Red Army in Afghanistan by Islamist resistance in 1989 – India’s extremist Hindu groups made alliance with the US and Israel. Both main political parties, Congress and BJP – whether in government or Opposition, they’re controlled by the extremist elements. It’s India’s ruling elites which has created the hoax of terrorism – Muslims and Moists. Both parties treat Muslims as second-class citizens. She gave the example of the Chief Minister of Gujrat in 2002, Narendra Modi, who look over the massacre of over 2,000 Muslims in Gujrat state and creating 150,000 Muslim refugees – is now projected as the next prime minister of India by some of India richest families like Tata. She mentioned that 150 million-strong Muslim minority has become a hostage to Islamophobia and terrorism. While they’re blamed for every terrorist act – no body in India mentions the war going on them in Occupied Kashmir for over six decades or the destruction of Barbri mosque.

Avi Lewis 42 is a Canadian Jewish film-maker and TV host (CBC). He is son of Stephen Lewis, former President of Canada’s third largest political party NDP and former Canadian Ambassador at United Nations. Avi is married to Canadian Jewish intellectual Naomi Klein (born 1970). Israel Hasbara outlet, FrontPage Magazine, published a ‘character assassination’ piece on Avi Lewis by Kathy Shaidle on March 26, 2008. Kathy in her long attack on her fellow Jew wrote: “And while the idea of a Jewish broadcaster joining World’s biggest Muslim and hate America/Israel media outlet seem shocking, it is in fact natural for a post-modern, “progressive” like Lewis….” In reality, Kathy lied, because  former deputy head of Israeli General Security Service, Gideon Ezra, was quoted in ‘Foreign Policy (FP)’, July/August: I wish all Arab media were like Al-Jazeera . In fact Al-Al-Jazeera’s (English) senior editor, Vince Ryan and the Editor-in-Chief, Russell Merryman – are both hard-line pro-Israel Zionists. In February, 2006 – Dave Marash 66 (Jewish), former reporter for ABCNews’ “Hotline” joined Washington-based Al-Jazeera English (AJE) as an anchorman. AJE has four news hubs – in Washington, Qatar, London and Kuala Lumpur. AJE’s military analyst is former US Marine captain Josh Rushing. Will Stebbins, the former foreign correspondent with AP TV News, is Chief of 125-member Washington bureau. Amy Marash (Dave’s wife), who earlier worked for MSNBC, is AJE producer.


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  1. I wish we also open our minds and watch the world more rationally rather than with an eye closed.

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