Israel must be like a mad dog…….. to Fight Hizb’Allah

“Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother,” General Moshe Dayan, quoted by David Hirst’s Hirst in The Middle East Order: The War.

The conflicts, wars, political assassinations, false flag operations and Hasbara (propaganda) lies have been the staple diet of the Zionist regime and its western allies for over sixty years. The recent threats coming from Tel Aviv and its proxy governments in the West indicate that Zionist entity has got a ‘green light’ from Washington to start eliminating the Islamic resistances on its borders before the future US attack on the Islamic Republic.

In recent months, Tel Aviv has shown an unbroken record of fabricating arms supplies to Lebanese Islamic resistance group Hizb’Allah by Tehran and Damascus. And like Osma Bin Laden tapes (made in Israel for IntelCenter and S.I.T.E.), the news of arms shipments – appear every time Washington shows some soft spot for Tehran or Damascus or Beirut. For example, when Senate was discussing the confirmation of Obama’s Ambassador-designate to Damascus, Robert Stephen Ford (an Arabist), Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak fired the smoking-gun that Syria is providing Hizb’Allah with Scud missiles whose accuracy and range threaten more Israeli cities than before. Robert Ford in his confirmation hearing listed five issues for which Obama administration is trying to engage Damascus-regime – stop resistance fighters entering Occupied Iraq; end its support for Hizb’Allah; open peace talks with the Zionist entity; respect human rights at home and open its suspected nuclear sites to IAEA inspections. Damascus has denied that its Al-Kibar facility housed a nuclear reactor and claimed that the uranium particles found by IAEA inspectors were sprinkled by Israeli bombers which destroyed the facility. Benjamin Netanyahu is upset because Turkey has refused to act as a mediator between Tel Aviv and Damacus. Former Mossad mole, French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, offered his services as mediator which were rejected by Damascus. As result of the Scud hoax – Robert Ford’s confirmation has been suspended.

Tel Aviv’s threats to Lebanese government have, so far, failed to disarm Hizb’Allah or being kicked out of the Unity Government. Furthermore, Hizb’Allah has maintained its friendly relations with Tehran and Palestinian resistance groups, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Since inflicting on Israeli armed forces a crushing military defeat in 2006 – Hizb’Allah has rightfully claimed that it would not allow the Zionist entity to attack Lebanon with impunity. However, Israel has not stopped in provoking Hizb’Allah and Lebanon in the hope that in the future war with Hizb’Allah – it would revenge its 2006 military humiliation which has destroyed the myth of Israel Occupation Force (IOF) being invincible.

In its last year report, Pentagon, had warned both Washington and Tel Aviv that Hizb’Allah has built up its military defense and attack capability to the same level as it had at the time of Israel’s 34-days invasion of Lebanon which resulted in the death 137 IOF soldiers, 49 Hizb’Allah fighters and over 1,200 Lebanese civilians.

Rime Allaf, a London-based Syrian writer and broadcaster, in her recent artcle, titled Til Israel do us part?, wrote:

In addition to making such instant headlines and causing such ready connotations, Scuds are the perfect “provocation” for Israel to justify a state of belligerence it is barely hiding anyway. Israel feels it has unfinished business from four years ago in Lebanon and many Israeli officials are itching for a settling of the score. With the “appearance” of Scuds, the matter takes pole position once more.

The enormity of the propaganda leaves out the enormity of the Scuds themselves, too cumbersome to be a weapon of choice for the agile fighters of Hizballah and too huge to be missed by a simple application like Google Earth, let alone by 12,000 UNIFIL soldiers. And while Syria clearly feels no need to deny its logistic and political support for Hizballah, it can easily ridicule the Scud claim, so far-fetched does it seem.

Nevertheless, the Scud accusation has become a deafening chorus in Israel and the US. Officials in Washington have now started making statements of unprecedented gravity. Not only has Secretary of State Hillary Clinton unexpectedly claimed that, “President [Bashar] Assad is making decisions that could mean war or peace for the region,” but President Barack Obama has described Syria’s actions as continuing to “pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy and economy of the United States”….

The Lebanese resistance will not be launching Scuds if attacked by Israel, but it certainly won’t be serving tea either. There is no doubt that Hizballah has rearmed and is readying to defend itself and its country from a likely Israeli assault that will be even more violent than the previous one and undoubtedly more arrogantly named.

For all its peace talk pretense, Israel has given none of its immediate neighbors any indication that it is serious about long term prospects for security and peace. On the contrary, the more time passes, the more Israel seems to be acting out, with slight adjustments, the recommendations it once received to achieve “a clean break to secure the realm”. But without Turkey, for one, and with the new regional alliances, there will be no break, regardless of how many preemptions Israel makes while decrying provocations. So far, Syria has been neither contained nor weakened, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to roll back either.”

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