Western Wars on Islamic World

“The war in the Middle East is not about religion at all. It is a fight over land hiding behind the cloak of religion. I doubt very seriously the primary motive for the Crusades was for rescuing the holy lands from Islam. I suspect the booty captured by “pious” European kings was much more to the point……,” Pastor Dr. Jim Rigby in The Radical Christianity.

“Nazis helping Jews? Jews helping Nazis? And, during the “Holocaust”? How could this be? Stranger political bedfellows could not be imagined! But, when the facts are examined, as is often the case, truth is stranger than fiction…….,” Dr. Harrell Rhome in Wartime Collaboration Between Zionists And The German Government.

Islam and Muslims have been under Judeo-Christian attacks since the Dawn of Islam in 610 CE. The aggressors have changed with the passage of times – but the agenda remains the same to this day. The wars to occupy Muslim lands to loot their natural resources and scientic achievements have been carried out under various false slogans, such as, “Muslims are occupying Christian lands” or “Islamic religion is threat to the Western civilization” or “Islam is not compatible with Western values” or to “bring democracy and liberate Muslim women”. The driving force behind these propaganda lies, recently, have changed from the Church to the World Zionist Congress. In the past, Western powers colonized Muslim lands for various reasons – from exploitation of their natural resources to human slave trade. Since the middle of the last century, the Western colonialist powers have been replaced by American imperialism, which has fought all its war against the Muslim world for the security and expansion of the Zionist entity.

The Canadian war correspondent, Eric Margolis, in his latest book, American Raj: Liberation or Dominatio, exposes the current colonial power which uses NATO and foreign soldiers to fight its wars in the Muslim countries, from Balkans to Iran and Pakistan. Eric begins with the struggle of Muslims to get independence from over 150 years of western colonialism (Turkey and Afghanistan were the only two Muslim nation-states which were not occupied by the western colonial powers during 19th-20th century). Then he discusses the Palestinian problem created by the western leaders. His views on western-created instablity in Muslim lands, such as, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kosova, Bosnia and Lebanon are worth reading.

Eric Margolis lauds both Islamic Resistance groups Hizb’Allah and Hamas by saying that these two organization distinguish themselves from Arab governments by establishing a reputation for honesty and public service: “After the highly destructive Israeli bombing in the brief 2006 war, Hezbollah astounded everyone by swiftly setting about rebuilding of shattered buildings and bridges, cleaning up rubble and caring for homeless civilians while in the US-backed regime in Beirut dithered and did nothing.”

Regarding Israel Lobby, Eric Margolis points out that for the last 50 year it has dominated US foreign policy especially in the Middle East and the Muslim world and it exercises a veto power over it. It’s so powerful and is feared so much by the American politicians that “no one in Washington cared or dared to stand up to the Israel Lobby”. In two videos below, Eric Margolis tells how Israel and its lobby groups in the US have successfuly fabricated lies about Tehran’s nuclear program and the terrorism in Pakistan. Eric exposes the immoral nature of western leaders when it comes to demonization of the world leaders who refuse to submit to western dominance. Zionists are not the only idiots who have called Dr. Ahmadinejad “Hitler”, “Holocaust denier” or “a self-hating Jew”. He cites Winston Churchill, who had dismissed Mahatma Gandhi’s rejection of a Jewish state in Palestine – by calling the later “a half-naked fakir (beggar)”.

Eric Margolis wrote that Russian war on the independent state of Chechnya was secretly funded by cash from Washington laundered through a number of Russian underworld businesses (Jewish mafia). He cites Bill Clinton calling Yeltsin as “Abraham Lincoln”. He calls Serbian and Croatian military operations against Bosnian Muslims – genocide according to United Nations’ definition.

Eric Margolis doesn’t seem to agree with official story of the 9/11. An Angus Reid Global Monitor poll taken in October 2006 showed that 84% of Americans believe that Washington is not telling the truth about 9/11.

On Islamic Repuplic, Eric Margolis criticizes the western double standards. He says that (pro-Iranian) Iraqi Shias who fought against US occupation army were labeled by Washington as terrorists – whereas the Marxists and anti-Islamists who staged attacks inside Iran are legitimate anti-government forces. Eric reminds his readers that IAEA has carried out 2,700 snap inspections in Iran and found no evidence of a nuclear weapon program. He refers to the fact that Washington keep repeating that Iran has no need for nuclear power to generate enegy and yet during Ford administration Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz negotiated the sale of over 20 nuclear reactors to the Shah of Iran. Eric says that the Islamic Republic has more need for nuclear arsenal for self-defense than Britain, France or Israel which are  under the US nuclear umbrella. Furthermore, the Islamic Republic’s neighbors India, Pakistan, China, Russia and Israel – all have stockpiles of nuclear bombs.

Tariq Ali, the British author and political analyst, speaking at University of Ottawa last year – advised Washington: “The US must avoid classifying every act of resistance by Muslims to wrongs and injustices as terrorism”.

Rick Rozoff writing for Global Research (May 11, 2010) details NATO in action against Muslim world from Eastern Europe and Balkans.

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