Nuclear deal – Iran 1: Israel 0

Both Turkey and Brazil have hailed Iranian letter to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as positive step that can help resolve the standoff over Tehran’s nuclear program and urged the United States, Russia and France, which form the Vienna Group to make the best of this opportunity and resolve the bickering once for all in the interest of peace in the region. Brazilian President Lula said on Monday that Iran’s letter to UN nuclear watchdog (IAEA) is a proof that Tehran is committed to the agreed nuclear fuel swap declaration. So much so that even the Washington man in the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon called it a “major confidence building measure”. However, as expected, he moved the ‘pole” a little farther by saying that “Tehran must raise its level of cooperation with the IAEA”.

Israel’s position is still “a pro-Israel regime change in Tehran”. Israel’s deputy prime minister Dan Meridor said that no matter what, “I still believe that further ‘crippling sanction’ would force Tehran stop its nuclear program”. Washington especially Hillary Clinton was repeating Israeli lines that Tehran is trying to buy more time and cannot be taken seriously. Russian President Medvedev (Jewish), although more guarded in his reaction, lauded the Brazil-Turkey efforts and extensively discuused the details of the deal with Lula over the phone. Sarkozy, Cameron and Markel echoing Hillary Clinton – insisted that the Brazil-Turkey brokered deal will not prevent Iran from reaching an overall agreement with IAEA. The ZOGs in the US, France, Britain and Germany are obsessed with preventing the Islamic Republic from developing any uranium enrichment in its own territory as desired by the Zionist entity – something that goes against the NPT itself.

Patrick J. Buchanan posted an interesting article on May 21, 2010 under the heading Take the Deal, Mr. President, in which he wrote:

“If Barack Obama is sincere in his policy of “no nukes in Iran — no war with Iran,” he will halt this rude dismissal of the offer Tehran just made to ship half its stockpile of uranium to Turkey. Why is President Obama slapping it away? Does he not want a deal? Has he already decided on the sanctions road that leads to war? Has the War Party captured the Obama presidency?

To the world today, the United States appears enraged that Iran is responding to America’s own offer, that it is we who do not want a peaceful resolution, that we and the Israelis are as hell-bent on war and “regime change” in Iran as George W. Bush was on war and regime change in Iraq”.

Dr. Chandra Muzzafar, President of Malaysia-bases International Movement for a JUST World wrote: “It is only too obvious that tightening the screws on Iran is central to Israel’s agenda. It is a dangerous agenda because it could lead to war. This is why the world should reject the new US proposed sanctions resolution submitted to the UNSC on the 18th of May. Those who endorse the resolution should withdraw their support immediately. Russia and China in particular should realize its full implications….”

On May 25, Tehran’s ambassador in Moscow, Mahmoud-Reza Sajjadi, warned the 5+1 that any new sanctions would force Tehran to “reconsider” its recent nuclear declaration: “If new sanctions are imposed against Iran, it would be clear to the Iranian people that the international “six” has only malice and only follows political motives. It will force us to reconsider the Tehran agreement”.

One response to “Nuclear deal – Iran 1: Israel 0

  1. Iran, is a target for Israel. First it was Iraq (which in reality does not exist and can be mistaken for a proxy US state), now its Iran’s turn.

    The Muslim civilisation living in Syria, Iran, Egypt, etc should look at Iraq’s example to know that one day it will be them next if they do not unite and put an end to this ‘divide and rule’ concept.

    USA is not friend to anyone apart from Israel, the Muslim world should switch interests and advice from USA to China or Russia.

    Israel is a terrorist state and don’t expect a level playing field from their side.

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