Birobidjan – The First Jewish State

On May 7, 1934 – The Russian dictator Joseph Stalin (a Crypto Jew whose all three wives were Jewish) and his communist Jew helpers created an autonomous Jewish state in Birobidjan (or Birobidzhan) as an alternate to the World Zionist movement’s (lead by an Austrian Jew, Theodor Herzl) dream of Ertez Israel – a socialist/communist state in British mandated Palestine. Before WW II – the Jewish population of this Jewish state was over 200,000. However, majority of these Jews were fooled by the propaganda of World Zionist movement and made aliya to Palestine, displacing native Muslim and Christian Palestinians by stealing their land.

It’s interesting to note that many of World Zionist movement leaders including its first President of Israel, Dr. Chaim Weizmann (d. 1952), were Russian Jews. Stalin, in order to make sure that the British plan of awarding a major portion (56%) Palestine to European Jews, doesn’t turn out to be capitalist entity – later midwifed the birth of Israel. US President Franklin Roosevelt was against the establishment of communist Jewish state in Palestine as he told Saudi King in 1944. However, US President Truman backed the World Zionist Congress and lobbied UN members for establishing a Jewish homeland in Palestine (as Obama did at UNSC for new sanctions against Islamic Republic’s nuclear program a few days ago). On November 26, 1947 – the motion to recognize the Zionist entity by the world organization was defeated by a vote of 32 to 25. The Jewish pressure was intense to have the opponents change their votes. With Moscow’s help, the votes switched on November 29, 1947 to 33 in favor and 24 against. However, Truman was able to beat Stalin in recognizing the new state by few hours. The American Communist Party held a mass celebration in New York City. Over 60% of members of the party were Jewish.

American historian Edwin Schoonmaker, editor of American Hebrew, in his book Democracy and World Dominion, wrote: “According to such information that the writer could secure while in Russia a few weeks ago, not one Jewish synagogue has been torn down, as have hundreds – perhaps thousands of the Greek Catholic Churches…In Moscow and other large cities one can see Christian churches in the process of destruction…the Government needs the location for a large building…. Apostate Jews, leading a revolution that was to destroy religion as the “opiate of the people” had somehow spared the synagogues of Russia.”

Are the Jewish coomunities persecuted in Russia – as the pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups like the Americans to believe – so that the Zionist entity can bring more Russian Jews to turn the Occupied Palestine into a demographic Jewish state. Some sources claim that the current President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev has Jewish roots.

On August 10, 2009, Michael Collins Piper proposed the Birobidjan Option to resolve the Palestinian conflict. He wrote:

“A growing number of proponents of a just peace in the Middle East view what has been called the ‘Birobidjan Option” as the final (and equitable) solution to the ongoing problem of Palestine, where Jewish settlers from Europe and the United States (and from other countries) displaced native Arabs (Christian and Muslim alike) and established the state of Israel in 1948.

Among the most prominent of those publicizing the Birobidjan solution to the Middle East crisis is Lady Michele Renouf, the glamorous British television personality whose forthright advocacy of freedom of thought and expression has led her into direct confrontation with forces in the pro-Israel lobby determined to silence any and all opinion (or historical facts) that conflict with its agenda.

What then is Birobidjan and how does it relate to the problems of the Middle East? The fact that few people know is that in 1928 there was established (under the auspices of the Soviet Union) the first-ever modern Jewish state known colloquially as Birobidjan (alternatively spelled “Birobidzhan”) located on the border of Russia and China, not far from the Pacific Ocean.

Birobidjan was the first territorial-administrative entity in the world designated for the Jewish people on the basis of their Jewish nationality. In short, Israel was not the first Jewish state. Birobidjan was—and it was in existence years before Israel came into being. Jews worldwide were invited to come voluntarily to this Jewish homeland, known officially as the Jewish Autonomous Region, and many did, including more than 1,000 Jews from outside the Soviet Union. And the language of the Ashkenazi Jewish people – Yiddish – was made the official language of this Jewish state.

American Jewish organizations lent their support to this project, including “Ambidjan” – the American Birobidjan Committee  – whose officials included Albert Einstein and the prominent American Jewish author B.Z. Goldberg. This first Jewish state of the 20th century preceded the birth of Israel in Palestine by more than 20 years. Yet, in 1948, Israel was established, in the wake of much bloodshed and destruction rained upon the Christian and Muslim peoples of Palestine.

Since then millions of displaced Palestinians, forced from their homes, have struggled to survive, many living in open-air ghettoes that are no more than what are known as concentration camps. This ugly history is well-known to small numbers of peoples across the planet, but still remains a mystery to Americans.

In fact, today, Birobidjan is a virtual Jewish paradise. The home of two synagogues, Birobidjan City has 77,250 inhabitants. Yiddish theaters opened in the 1970s. Yiddish and Jewish traditions have been required components in all public schools for almost 15 years, taught not as Jewish exotica but as part of the region’s national heritage.”

Today there are those including this writer – who advocate the peaceful relocation of the Jews now in Palestine to Birobidjan.”

In recent years – more and more Jewish families are returning to Birobidjan, which they find more tolerant and secure to raise families than they experienced in the Zionist entity.

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  1. It was only the fanatic Zionists that rejected a homeland in Africa and insisted on Palestine. But here is the problem, anywhere that other people already live, to have the Jews encroach – that is an invasion and pillage by the very nature of it. If Birobidjan is already a “Jewish” state and NO ONE will get hurt, then let them have it if they will leave Palestine, which they have no right to and have only done horrendous harm to. But they must leave Palestine. Then watch them closely wherever they go. They have done so much harm, they can’t be trusted.


  3. owainglyndwr1416


    Problem of 15.000.000 Jews LONDON. February 7 1939

    A Berlin advice says what the world should do with 15.000,000 Jews was blandly explained by the Reich cultural leader (Dr. Alfred Rosenberg), when addressing the foreign Journalists diplomatic corps.

    He rejected a settlement In Palestine on the ground that the Jews would make It a center of unrest. He opposed the distribution. Jews must be settled In a single territory, which must not be a Jewish state, but a ‘reservation’ supervised by police and a trained administration under a Governor acting on behalf of the democracies. Dr. Rosenberg Indicated Guiana or Madagascar would he most suitable for the purpose.

    Source Trove Newspaper archive

    This is historically significant for it shows the British were prepared to consider Dr. Alfred Rosenberg’s proposal.

    An interesting point to note is that in 1938 10.000 Jews moved to Berlin and 300 businesses were started to the irritation of the Nazis. Why would the Jews locate to where it was claimed they were under threat ? The propagandists made wild claims since 1933 .. Sadly the slander leveled at Germany continues today.

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    Having Israel investigate their War Crimes is like having the Bank’s who have funneled Trillion’s of dollars in Fraud Derivatives investigate whether or not they defrauded their Customers. Remember what took down Germany’s financial system as the Zionist’s controlled All Commerce in Germany pre-WWII.
    Then came the Haavara Agreement.

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  6. Scripture teaches, when Israel returns they will have clean hands and a pure heart. those who are following Scripture know the time has come. However the counterfeit must come first and it has, soon the reality will come. this Israel is spoken of as the 144,000 of the 12 tribes of Israel. Revelation 7. Zechariah 14, speaks of a world war that will take place at the time the restoration by God is made.We are in the early stages of that war now. It will soon explode, Israel will be cleansed of both Jews Arabs, and all who have not clean hands and a pure heart.

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    4,000 Jews in Birobidzhan, just over 5 percent of the town’s population of 75,000

  8. 4,000 Jews in Birobidzhan, just over 5 percent of the town’s population of 75,000

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