Tehran gains from Washington’s wars for Israel

The con-journalists at Foreign Policy Journal (FPJ) always get upset whenever something happens which is not in the interest of the US-Israel-EU axis of evil. On June 15, 2010 – the FPJ published an article by some Afghan-Australian ‘Middle East expert, Dr. Ehsan Azari, who is very upset that Iran Gains From American Strategic Errors. I agree with the end result of his reported American “errors”, which he should have called “blunders”, because when someone keeps repeating the same mistakes under the pressure of hostile pro-Israel lobby groups, those should be called “blunders’ and not “errors”.

As the Afghan war proceeds in an uncertain path, Iran, Afghanistan’s western neighbor, seems to have been reaping all the benefits.

Past history tells us that Persian influence in Afghanistan goes back many many centuries even before the arrival of Islam in that part of the world. Now, if Bush’s Zionist-controlled administration was stupid enough not to study the past historical resistance of Afghan people against Greeks, Russians, British and Russians, for invaded the country for greed of the Caspian Sea oil and heroin supply – why Iran is being blamed for the Afghan’s hatred toward their homicidal foreign invaders? While the US, India and Israel is using the occupation to destablize its neighboring only Muslim nuclear power (Pakistan) – Tehran has provided US$500 million in aid for the reconstruction work in Afghanistan since 2002.

The post-Taliban era produced a huge power vacuum in Afghanistan that was filled with Iran’s long-time protégé.

It seem very much an ‘anti-Semite’ comment to me. Calling ten years of occupation “a vacuum” – is a slap on the faces of the ‘brave’ soldiers from the US, Germany, France, Canada, Poland, NATO and dozens of other countries plus the locally trained GIs who have been fighting Taliban fighters and are supported by F16s, drones, helicopter, bombs, missiles, etc. for the last ten years. I wonder, if the good Doc. ever thought why most of American friends usually turned against Washington after finding the truth – Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Chavez, etc.? Maybe same is happening to Hamid Karzai and Nothern Alliance. After all, Karzai, a US citizen and former employee of UNOCAL. He was installed as US Viceroy in Afghanistan by Bush and not by some Iranian “mullah”.

And don’t think the Taliban won’t be prepared to contest the areas where riches are under the ground.

Isn’t that what the US, Britain, Russia, France and Israel are doing in foreign countries?

Iranian mullahs once again found their Afghan constituency back in power in Kabul, ironically with the help of their greatest adversary.  By using the powerful warlords of the Northern Alliance, Iran remains a major political architect in making a minefield in Afghanistan against Western strategic interests.

Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad is not a “mullah (cleric)” – he has a PhD  and taught Engineering at the University of Tehran before joining politic. None of the 21 Iranian cabinet ministers is a “mullah”. However, it does have three women cabinet ministers, Dr. Marzieh Vahid Dastjerdi PhD, Fatemeh Ajolou PhD, Sussan Keshavarz and Vice-president Fatemeh Javadi PhD. Talk of women persecution under Islamic regime, eh!(Ooops! I forgot these ladies like the wives of Turkey’s President, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, doesn’t count because they all adorn the primitive dress – the Hijab).

Any further Pashtun military and political weakness in Afghanistan will make the Iranian clerical ruling class stronger.

YES – Barack Obama, if you’re planning to nuke Islamic Republic in the near future for Israel – you better stop killing Pashtun in Wazristan (Pakistan) so that they along with Baloch rebels, RAW and Mossad can destablize Iranian Balochistan.

If, God forbid, Iran ever did join the nuclear club, its repressive theocracy would perpetuate its survival.

Moshe Benjamin Netanyahu, I hear you loud and clear.

Gordon Duff’s article Israel leaves trail of lies in Afghanistan is worth reading.

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