Alan Hart: Israel has no right to exist

“The Zionist state which came into being as a consequence of Zionism terrorism and ethnic cleansing had no right to exist and more to the point could have no right to exist unless it was recognized and legitimized by those who were dispossessed of their land and their rights during the creation of the Zionist state. In international law, only the Palestinian could give Israel the legitimacy it craved….” Alan Hart, British Television journalist and author of the book Zionism: The Real Enemy of Jews and others, wrote to British Prime Minister David Cameron in August 2007 when the later was leader of  Conservative Party.

“The assertion/claim that Iran, even if it did have nuclear weapons, would pose a threat to Israel’s existence is nosense – in my view out of truly mad minds. If Iran launch a first strike on Israel, it, Iran, all of it, would be destroyed (by 400 Israeli and 9,000 US nuclear bombs). No Iranian leader would be that stupid. The real problem for Israel’s leaders, if Iran did have an atomic bomb or two or several – and that’s still a very big IF – is that they would no longer enjoy more or less complete freedom to impose their will on the region,” Israel Shamir, a Russian-Israeli writer.

 Alan Hart has just concluded his speaking tour of the US and Canada. While in the US, Alan appeared on Dr. Kevin Barrett’s Radio Show, in which he said that Washington and Tel Aviv were behind the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York.

In Canada, Alan Hart was a speaker for fundraising event for Canada’s new independent internet media network The Canadian Charger. In his speech Alan said:

“For most of my four decades as a journalist – Canada was widely respected around the world for the vision, moral authority and integrity of its political leadership, but this is no longer the case.”

“Your politicians, almost all of them, not just your PM and his colleagues, have become like their American counterparts, stooges of the awesomely powerful Zionist lobby.”

“I blame America’s pork-barrel system of politics which puts democracy up for sale to the highest bidders. I don’t know Canada well enough to have an informed view about whether or not you have the same system here. Perhaps you can tell me.”

“The Palestinians’ struggle for justice, and refusal to be broken by the brutality of the Zionist occupiers, is the cornerstone which all people who care about justice stand on”.

“In the script written by Zionism, and endorsed by all the major powers and the Arab regimes, the Palestinians were supposed to accept their lot as the sacrificial lamb on the altar of political expediency.”

“Zionism wants today what it has always wanted: a maximum amount of land with a minimum number of Arabs on it.”

“The Palestinian state Netanyahu has in mind is the same as Sharon had in mind – two or three Bantustans on a maximum of 40 to 50 per cent of the West Bank, which the Palestinians could call a state, if they wished. In this scenario the main Israeli settlements, all of them illegal, would remain where they are, sitting on top of the main water sources.”

“Judaism is the religion of Jews, not ‘the’ Jews because not all Jews are religious. Like Christianity and Islam, Judaism has at its core a set of moral values and ethical principles. Zionism as Jewish nationalism is a sectarian, colonial ideology and enterprise which, in the process of creating, in the Arab heartland, a state for some Jews – mainly by terrorism and ethnic cleansing – made a mockery of, and demonstrated contempt for, Judaism’s moral values and ethical principles”.

“The Israeli-Palestinian crisis is a cancer at the heart of international affairs that has the potential to consume us all unless it’s cured. Every man, woman and child has a stake in it.”


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