WSJ: Why Israel hasn’t bombed Iran (Yet)?

Professor Bret Stephens, a fellow with the Geneva-based World Economic Forum, wrote an apologetic column in the Israel Hasbara (propaganda) Wall Street Journal (July 20, 2010) – to provide some ‘genuine’ excuses for Israeli fears to start its most deadly war with the Islamic Republic alone.

Excuse 1 – “Israeli military planners have concluded that any attack would be unlikely to succeed“.

That’s why Israeli leaders and their lobbyists in the US and EU are churning their lies to convince the public that Israel is against a nuclear Iran not only because it could pose a threat to Zionist bully in the Middle East but a nuclear Iran would pose a much greater threat to the western civilization. Several international spy agencies and IAEA are all the opinion that Tehran is not using its nuclear program for military use – and even if does make a nuclear bomb a few years down the road – it doesn’t a long delivery mechanism to pose nuclear threat to the US or most of the western countries.

Excuse 2 – “Israel is biding its time as it improves its military capabilities on both its offensive and defensive ends“.

Tel Aviv has been receiving an annual military aid of $3 billion for decades. Israeli’s annual military budget is US$13.7 billion, which the highest among the Middle East countries and more than twice the annual military budget of the Islamic Republic. Furthermore, the western military experts believe that Israeli army is world’s fourth most powerful army.

Excuse 3 – This is in fact could be a satire! “Netanyahu may favor a strike, but he will not order without the consent of Ehud Barak. Shimon Peres, Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi and perhaps also Mossad chief Meir Dagan“.

Anyone who have been reading the Israeli or western mainstream news media would know that all those Zionazi warmongers plus FM Lieberman – not have been threatening Islamic Republic with pre-emptive war but have been blackmailing all the ZOG in the US, Canada, France, Germany, Britain and Australia to attack Iran before Israel does that.

Excuse 4 – “Israel leaders being mindful of history. Successful attack of Iraqi nuclear facility (Osirak) under construction in 1981; the US getting cold feet during Israel’s attack on Suez War in 1956 and France and Israel’s failure to ‘hummiliate’ Egypt’s Gama Nasser (in many ways the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of his day)”.

Bret’s comparison of Dr. Ahmadinejad with Gamal Nasser is very idiotic. Former US Jimmy Carter had claimed that Egypt’s Gamal Nasser was on CIA’s payroll for year. Athough, Israeli Hasbara filth claimed last year that Dr. Ahmadinejad has ‘Jewish roots’ but it has not accused Dr. Ahmadinejad being on CIA or Mossad payroll – as is the case with the French President Nicholas Sarkozy. Furthermore, Bret, intentionally, missed Israel’s biggest military humiliation at the hands of a buch of Hizbullah fighters in Summer 2006.

As is the case is with a typical Zionist living in ‘self-denial’ – Bret hate to acknowledge that even after years of pro-Israeli propaganda and several Israeli terrorist false-flag operation – Tel aviv has failed to convince Ben Obama administrration to issue marching order to US Army to fight another Israeli war and die in tens of thousands to save the lives of a few biblical ‘Chosen Ones’.


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