Lieberman: ‘Pentagon is ready to strike Iran’

Senator Joe Lieberman (aka Mr. Israel) along with Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham flew all the way to Tel Aviv to let Israeli Defense Minister Gen. Ehud Barak and other military officers that he has been told Pentagon is ready to strike Iran. Lieberman’s “secret” was published in Israeli daily The Jerusalem Post, while the Zionist-controlled American mainstream media kept Lieberman’s view secret from the US public. Though they make military threats – they also have come to the realization that bombing Islamic Republic is not worth the consequences.

All such trips doing Israeli PR work around the world by US government official, Senators and Congressmen are paid by the US taxpayers.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad on Sunday warned European countries and Russia not to join US “plots” against the Islamic Republic and that their cooperation with the US would be regarded as hostality by Iranian nation. Personally, I am sure the EU countries would side with the US-Israel attack on Iran as majority of them are under Zionist Occupied Governments (ZOGs).

The US, EU and UN put new sanctions last month on the behest of Israel citing the lame excuse of Iran’s nuclear program being a threat to the tiny defensless Zionist entity with only 200-400 nuclear bombs of its own.

The ‘safety valve’ which holding Obama to start his new Zionist crusade is that if it let the demoralized Jewish army (from 2006 defeat in Lebanon) to attack, Tehran will take it as an attack by United States, and for good reasons. Iran’s response would be allowing the most dreaded Revolutionary Guards to attack US and NATO forces in the neighboring Iraq and Afghanistan; starve Japan and China by closing down the Strait of Hormuz; target US oil facilities in the Middle East using its long-range missiles and let Hizbullah rain rockets on Israel making the Jews running to European countries for refuge.

The Israel’s problem with going alone against Islamic Republic was summed up by Zeev Raz, the hero of 1981 bombing of Iraqi nuclear reactor: “There is no single target that you could bomb with eight aircrafts”, he told the Economist. The Israelis have the same doubts as everyone else about the intended results of the raids which is why they have focussed on Hasbara (propaganda) lies through the Jewish lobby groups and mainstream media – and covert terrorist sabotage plots and even off-the-record diplomacy, despite having no diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic.

The Zionist mafia has also quietly studied the ways (sanctions) Tehran can be deterred, knowing that they have the advantage in nuclear technology for a decade or so. They have come to the conclusion that bombing Islamic Republic is not worth the consequences.

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