USS ‘Audacity of Hope’ to Occupied Gaza

On July 21, The Washington Post reported that Professor Rashid Khalidi (Columbia University), whose past friendship with Senator Barack Obama had irked the Jewish Lobby during the 2008 election – along with other peace activists in the US Boat to Gaza movement, is trying to raise $370,000 for the 1.5 million Gaza people (how could AIPAC allow such anti-Semitic activities in the ‘Jewish State of America’?). Not onlt that – Professor Khalidi even plans to name the vessel, which this group is planning to use to send humanitarian goods to Gaza – after Obama’s best-selling book The Audacity of Hope. The said move has really pissed-off some of pro-Israel groups who have asked the Justic Department to probe the academic for his possible material support (F16s, heicopters, gunships, mini nukes, etc.) to “a terrorist group”. So far there is no comment from the White House. I suspect, Obama maybe consulting Benjamin Netanyahu on this national security issue.

Across the border, Israel’s most trusted government of Stephen Harper had been approached by some ‘anti-Semitic’ individuals who are planning to raise $300,000 to send a Canadian vessel to join the Free Gaza Movement coming adventure to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza residents, who were crazy enough to elect an anti-Zionist Islamist group Hamas in 2006. Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon (extremely allergic to Ahmadinejad’s policy towards Israel) has advised the group to make sure they follow the rules set up by Israel for getting supplies to Gaza. In other words, the Israeli rules are more ‘sacred’ and should not be challeged – but the Canadians are quite free to break the Biblical commandments.

In response, the Canadian Boat Gaza has come up with a novel idea. Instead of taking aid material to Gaza, it might help Gazzan to export some goods to boost their economy.

The Zionist entity still refuses to return the seven vessels of Free Gaza which it hijacked recently by force at the international waters and the ‘Spirit of Humanity’ it hijacked in June 2009.

The video below shows how British MP George Galloway blasted some of Zionist Hasbara (propaganda) lies about Palestine.

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