India’s ugly face of ‘secularism’

The 2008 Kandhamal riots were the result of a low-caste (untouchable, Dalit) Hindu’s conversion to Christianity. During the riots a mob of Hindu extremists (Hindutva) attacked Christians, burned and ransacked houses, curches, beat-up some priests and raped a Nun. 43 people died in the communal riots.

The Indian daily The Hindu reported on July 28, 2010 the defense lawyers objected to the testmony of Kumud Naik 30, who witnessed the Hindu attacking the Baliguda church on August 25, 2008 and manhandling the priest and a Nun. Their objection was on the lame excuse that Naik cannot be trusted as he was “illegally converted” to Christianity at age 13.

The racist Hindus burned Naik’s shop and house too. Being affraid of the local Hindu police officials, Naik decided not to register a complaint. Now, his fear of Hindu caste system is being used against him by the defense lawyers.

The Constitution calls India a “Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic” and claims to “provide security, social, economic and political justice; freedom of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship and equality of status and of opportunity”. However, there are over 200 million low-caste Hindus who are treated like dirt by the people belonging to the upper three castes – and over 33 million Hindu widows who are unable to remarry.

Hindu-Muslim communal riots were introduced by the English and French colonialist after the end of Mughal Empire in 1857. The main reason was “divide and rule”. Muslim rulers were in power for 1,000 years but due to there tolerance – Hindu were able to maintain a vast majority. Furthermore, all the Mughal kings after Emperor Akbar were son, grandson and great-grandsons of Hindu princess Jodha Ba’i whom Emperor Akbar had married. The worst Hindu-Muslim riots occured before, during and after the partition of British occupied India in August 1947. Estimated one million Muslim men, women and children were murdered in cold-blood by Hindu-Sikh mobs.

Christians have become the target of Hindu facists since their evil-marriage with the Mulim-Christian hating Israeli Jews.

Rev. Madhu Chandra in a recent article throws some light on Hindu communalism against the Indian Christian minority.

“Debates have been conducted over the issue of fraud and fraudulent conversion and enough accusation has been levelled to Christian minorities across the nation and severely in Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Gujarat where these anti-conversion bills are passed and enacted. Hundred of missionaries, nuns, priests are booked and imprisoned under the charges of forced, fraud and fraudulent conversions. Not a single case has been convicted in any of Indian court, which suggests that charges are fraud and forced allegation.

Pin pointing to the issue of forced, fraud and fraudulent conversion, I and my forefathers were forcefully converted to Hinduism. I bear a Hindu name and 2.5 million my fellow Meiteis in India’s north eastern state Manipur bear “Singh” after each name as living witness to forced, fraud and fraudulent conversion. Our indigenous religion and sacred scripture were destroyed by pioneering Hindu missionaries on 23rd day of the Manipuri calendar month Wakching (winter) of 1729. Since then, Bengali script have replaced Meitei script, I was taught in Bengali script not Meitei. Indigenous culture, religion and tradition destroyed and replaced by Sanskritinised (Brahmin) culture, religion and tradition. Casteism, which never existed among the society of Manipur, became a part of society, which has caused socio-political crisis among the societies that further led to distancing among the people of hills and valley.

Saffronising of Dang district of Gujarat, tribal belts of Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Chhattisgarh and North East Indian states are seen as signs of proselytising the tribal communities into Hindu religion. What fears the most by the connotation of conversion is that Indian masses who are socially, politically, economically and educationally backward, get rid out of caste oppression when converted to any other religion…….”


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