Ahmadinejad: Era of US military dominance over

Recently, the Iranian President Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was interviewed by Jon Lee Anderson, staff writer of the Jewish owned daily The New Yorker. Anderson asked the same old Israeli Hasbara questions; Ahmadinejad wants to wipe Israel off the map, he denies the Holocaust and Iran’s nuclear program is a covert plan to manufacture nuclear plan which if not stopped through sanctions – could be grave threat to the security of Western countries and Israel which have a stockpile of over 23,000 nuclear bombs between them.

In the interview Dr. Ahmadinejad made some of the following observations:

“Today, nations are extremely distressed by the presence of US military bases in their countries, and demand their closure. This is while just 40 years ago they welcomed the bases on their soil. This means that America’s military dominance is over”.

“While the US can maintain friendly, cultural and economic ties with the Middle East, nearly 97 percent of the region’s population are opposed to the US support of the Zionist Regime.”

“Washington could spend the hefty sum, it spent supporting the Zionists and on invading Iraq and Afghanistan to enhance the quality of life for its nation or for cultivating and investing in the Middle East”.

“The US politician’s hostility towards the Iranian nations is not limited to recent years. The US government carried out a coup in Iran 57 years ago, for which Madeleine Albright claimed full credit. The US supported Saddam during the eight-year Iraqi-imposed war.”

“The worst kind of suppression exists in the United States. During the tenure of Bush, they controlled postal packages and tapped phone calls”.

Ahmadinejad said Iran was ready to “help bring the US out of the crises” it has created in Iraq and Afghanistan, where thousands of US soldiers and hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed.

“Iran is ready to help them, based on justice and respect. I hope there is someone with an ear among US politicians to understand this and brings no more deaths to the people in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as US soldiers,” he said.

To understand Anderson’s state of mind, one has to read the interview he recently gave to ‘State of Nature’, in which he said: “Well, there’s Islamists and there’s Islamists, but when we’re talking about the kind of Islamists who are willing to commit mass carnage repeatedly, for the sake of creating a religious autocracy, I don’t think Che (Guevara) would have been in agreement, to say the least”.

Lee Anderson’s 8-page long Israeli hasbara rant plus Dr. Ahmadinejad’s caricature can be found here.


2 responses to “Ahmadinejad: Era of US military dominance over

  1. I agree with your point of view about the interview and Ahmadinejad quoted words are wonderful to read. He has the chance now to stand as celebrated hero if only he could clean up his country of stoning women to death and similar medieval practices in his country. The world is definitely watching … one needs a firm ground to make high sounding words.

  2. I have not read about stoning of men or women involved in adultery in the Islamic Republic in an independent news source – but I have read hundreds of times White Christian women being sold into sex slavery in Israel and a woman raped every 90 seconds in Unite states and some of US presidents involved in prostitution and oral sex – plus two of sitting judges of Supreme Court being lesbians.
    As some wise guy once said: “Don’t throw stone at your neighbor’s house while living in a glass house”.

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