Will Iran make a nuclear bomb?

Personally, I believe Ayatullah Ali Khamenei should climb down from the high moral ground and order the Iranian nuclear agency to go ahead and make atleast a few nuclear bombs – as military deterrant and put a ‘duct-tape’ on the mouths of the warmongering Zionists.

What is stopping Islamists in Tehran for going after acquiring nuclear arsenal? Is it Imam Khoeini’s ‘fatwa’ against acquiring the weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), which is the line-of-thinking of the Spiritual Leader, Ayatullah Khamenei – or is it that Iran doesn’t have the resources to make a nuclear bomb?

First – why Iran should acquire a nuclear bomb as deterrant? Because both Ben Obama and Ben Netanyahu have threatened the Islamic Republic that their option to nuke Iran is on the table.

Bob Nichols, an award-winning war correspondent with the San Francisco Bay View newspaper believes that the Islamic Republic “doesn’t have the tools or material” to make a nuclear device.

“The President of the US, politicians in Israel and other important people say Iran “might” be able to build a weapon in a few years. So what? I might like to jump over the moon too; but, it ain’t gonna happen.

Same thing with Iran building a nuclear weapon. Iran does not have the tools to do so. Iran cannot get them or even make the tools required. Iran cannot even buy the tools. Try calling up Japan Steel and ordering a few tons of Marange Speciality Steel and see what happens.

In fact, building nuclear weapons is the kind of big industrial enterprise that can be detected from satellites in outer space. The US has plenty of spy satellites; at least one is “parked” over Iran right now. And, making “small” nuclear weapons is even harder than building 10,000 lb, (4,545 kilogram) Atomic Bombs!

That being said, two world wide “nuclear capable corporations” as Ann Garrison, my colleague and a noted writer at the San Francisco Bay View calls them, are Bechtel and Halliburton. There actually is a Mr Bechtel, he lives in San Francisco, just down a bit from his old friend “Nuclear Nancy” Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives. Hmm, San Francisco is quite a small town, actually.

Anyway, Bechtel Corp runs the privatized US nuclear weapons program and Halliburton runs the equally privatized British nuclear weapons program at the quaintly named AWE, or Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston, England. There is certainly a lot of money to be made from nuclear weapons and the hand maiden to nuke weapons – nuke power plants.

True, the only thing nuke power plants actually produce is 1400 plus very radioactive isotopes and they all leak, all the time. One of those is Plutonium 239 or Pu 239 for short. It is entirely made by humans and did not really exist before its tryout detonation at Alamogordo, New Mexico and its Prime Time Debut detonation at Nagasaki, Japan in 1945. Pu 239 makes a thermonuclear bomb, the big ones with no theoretical upper limit on size. It is the man made metal bomb makers crave.

Iran’s big nuclear reactor (at Bushehr) starts up and begins making Pu 239 by the ton. Russia, Iran’s patron, promises the Nuclear States and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to bring all the old 50 Ton, plus new isotope growth, highly radioactive reactor cores back to Mother Russia’s Control rather than let Iran keep the bomb making Plutonium 239 even for one second. We all shall see.

That is the bare fact situation as of right now in August 2010. What happens next all depends on who has control of the Pu 239 from Iran’s big reactor. US and Israeli spy satellites and ground assets will be trying to “catch” Iran stealing the old reactor core with its load of tons of Pu 239 to use for a thermonuclear weapon.

Everything else is just CIA front group fluff, fake media distraction, professional hair-do news readers on TV, and NYTIMES misinformation.”

North Korea is the only country to have left the NPT and the Zionist entity, Pakistan and India haven’t even signed up to it, Iran has done so and throughout recent years has also signed up to extra requirements that other signatories do not have to comply with such as allowing IAEA inspectors to spot check facilities at very short notice.

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