Thou shalt not ‘delegitimize’ Israel

The West Bank and Gaza are our bantustans (South Africa), reserves of labour for Israel but no freedom of labour,” professor Israel Shahak quoted in World must deny legitimacy to Israel.

“A racist, apartheid state, founded on terrorism, massacres and ethnic cleansing – it has no moral right to exist….. The liberals who called for the dismantling the state of South Africa because it was based on White supremacy need to explain their slavish devotion to the maintenance of a racially pure Israel,” William James Martin in The moral legitimacy of Israel.

When you read the history of Israel from objective sources, you discover that it is an outlaw state, created by the powers that be by stealing the land from its original inhabitants (Muslims and Christians), and systematically exterminating them ever since,” John Kaminiski.

Early this year, Israel’s premier policy strategy group, the Reut Institue, submitted its report to Benji Netanyahu’s government – warning that ‘anti-Semite and self-hating Jewish’ organizations and individuals are running a successful campaign to ‘delegitimize’ the Zionist entity. The question is why some rational person would go all the troubles to ‘delegitimize’ and entity which was created through bribing the non-permanent members of the UN Security Council in 1948?

According to the study: “There are two main generators of attacks on Israel’s legitimacy. The Resistance Network – which operates on the basis of Islamist ideology and includes Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas; and the Delegitimization Network – which operates in the international arena in order to negate Israel’s right to exist and includes individuals and organizations in the West, which are catalyzed by the radical left”.

And how these ‘enemies’ of the Zionist entity carry-out the ‘delegitimization’ process?

“The Resistance Network advancing the ‘implosion strategy’ that aims to precipitate Israel’s internal collapse through a policy of ‘overstretch’: To achieve this, the Resistance Network increases the burden of the ‘Occupation,’ delegitimizes Israel, and develops an asymmetric use-of-force doctrine in the military arena and towards Israel’s home front. These groups take their inspiration from the collapse of the former Soviet Union and apartheid South Africa.

The Delegitimization Network aiming to turn Israel into a pariah state by undermining its moral legitimacy and ultimately aspiring towards eliminating the ‘Zionist entity.’

The Resistance Network relies on military means to sabotage every move directed at affecting separation between Israel and the Palestinians or securing a two-state solution.

The Delegitimization Network tarnishes Israel’s reputation, ties Israel’s hands in defending itself against military assaults, and advances the ‘one-state solution’.”

So, in other words, it’s Hamas which doesn’t want an independent and sovereign Palestinian state on Gaza, the West Bank and the East Jerusalem with its own army and open borders with its Arab neighbors – which Benji Netanyahu and A. Leiberman has offered to Abu Mazen at the White House the other day! NO KIDDING!!

The person Benjamin Netanyahu, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and George Mitchell are hoping to ‘legitimize’ the Zionist entity – Mahmoud Abbas are sometimes called Abu Mazen – “is arguably the most extraordinary the double agent in the Middle East…. Most of what he does for Israeli and the US masters he does in plain sight,” says Jeffrey Blankfort.

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