Is Islam ‘religion of peace’?

President Bush and President Obama made a great mistake when they said that Islam is a peaceful religion. There is no evidence in history. It’s a religion of hatred. It’s a religion of war. Islam is wicked and evil,” Rev. Franklin Graham on Christiane Amanpour’s ABC “Holy War: Should Americans Fear Islam?”, October 3, 2010. British-born Christiane Amanpour (born 1958) has British mother and an Iranian Father. She was projected as an ‘expert’ on Islamic world during her career with BBC begining in 1983. In fact, she has never worked outside the Jewish-controlled mainstream media.

Islam is certainly not a “Religion of Peace” as defined by the Zionist facists. To them, a total submission of Muslims to foreign domination would only make their religion “peaceful”. History read from objective sources tells us that it were Muslim countries where the western Jews took refuge to escape centuries-old Christian persecution. It was Israeli professor Israel Shahak who said that Jewish religious literature is the most racist, hateful and war-mongering among the world religions. It were the Judeo-Christian West which wiped-off entire Muslim and Jewish population in Spain (1492 CE) and Palestine (1099 CE). It were they who killed 100-180 million Native Americans between 16th and 18th centuries. It were they who killed 100 million Africans so that they can have 10 million African slaves to run their households and plantations. It were they who killed over 110 million civilians during the two World Wars. It were they who murdered 100 million Christians and Muslims in Russia and Ukraine under Jewish-communist rule.

Another recent religious crap came from Laurie Goodstein, the Jewish ‘religious correspondent’ for the New York Times and the Washington Post. Her guests were Chris Hitchens and Dr. Tariq Ramadan (watch video below). Author and writer for many of pro-Israel printed media outlets, Chris Hitchens, is a known ‘Islamophobe’. He called Muslim World as “fascism with an Islamic face”. He supported Salman Rushdie for writing filth against Islam. He is also part of Israel Hasbara (propaganda) Committee. However, like a coward, Chris Hitchens, like to hide his hatred of Islam behind his so-called being ‘secular humanist’. Tariq Ramadan, who was projected as the Muslim Martin Luther before 2004 – has become Muslim Helen Thomas since his criticism of fellow Jew humanists for not criticizing Israel’s Zionazi policies.

Laurie Goodstein’s problem with Islam is that since there is no Papacy in Islam or any other religious Establishment – some Islamic scholars preach hatred toward Jews and Israel. Chris Hitchens commented: “Islam requires the belief that the Prophet Muhammad was a perfect human being and that Koran is a perfect book. These are categories that do not exist. Yet any challenge to them is heresy. The demands that you believe these imperatives do not lead to peaceful outcomes. If you want diversity, you need a secular state with a godless constitution. Secularism is the only guarantee of religious freedom”.

If some fool believes in Chris Hitchens’ rant – it means there is no ‘secular state’ in the West – where both Christianity and Islam are insulted and vilified while Holocaust has replaced as the ‘State Religion’.

Incidently, it was a western Christian historian, Michael H. Hart, who in his book The 100 chose the Prophet muhammad (pbuh) as the most “perfect human being”.

YES – there is no Papacy in Islam. The Believers are commanded to follow Holy Qur’an, Prophetic traditions and the Islamic Shari’ah. Both Judaism and Christianity are tribal or national religions and their human-written religious doctrines do not cover every aspect of human needs.

YES – unlike the Bible and Talmud, Holy Qur’an project all the Biblical prophets as “perfect human being”. It doesn’t portray some of those prophets as ‘sex-maniac’, ‘cheaters’, ‘racists’, ‘illegitimate’ and disrespectful to their parents – as the Bible and Talmud do.

There was no seperation of religion and State in the early Abrahamic divine messages. Several of the Biblical prophets were state rulers, i.e. Joseph, David, Solomon, etc.

YES – all the evil political/social systems hide themselves behind the “godless constitution”, such as, Nazism, Zionism, Communism, Moaism and Benito Mussolini’s fascism.

There is no ‘Holy War’ in Islam. Like ‘anti-Semitism’ this term was brought to the Muslim world by the Judeo-Christian fascism. In Islamic history, Crusades are considered as a ‘pain in the neck’. Jihad is not a ‘Holy War’. It’s the last alternative to keep the evildoers at a bay. Islam teaches its Believers to apply all peaceful ways to bring enemies to their senses (like the current Islamic Iran vs the US-Israel) – but if every honorable alternative fail – then teach the enemy a lesson it will never forget.

Islam was spread by Muslim traders and preacers in Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bosnia and several parts of Indian sub-continent and not by Muslim military invasions.

And finally, I would like to give some credit to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf for tailoring Islam to fit into the ‘Zionist closet’. The ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ fame dude was appointed “US Citizen Ambassador” by Dubya Bush, a position extended by Ben Obama – to modernize Islam in the image of the Zionist-controlled West. Although, Feisal Abdul Rauf has been accused of having ties with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Hamas and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood – he preferred to go on his knees begging to the powerful Jewish think tank, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), for help to fight the ‘extremists’ among the Muslims. He even got his picture removed from Malaysia’s Perdana Global Peace Organization in protest to the organization’s financial support to Gaza Freedom flotilla. His friends include Zionists like Karen Hughes and millionaire Leslie Deak.

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