Chávez and Ahmadinejad – common revolutionary ideal

Venezuela President Hugo Chavez has just concluded his two-day visit to the Islamic Republic. It was his 9th visit to the country which he calls ‘home away from home’. He received a special reception from Iranian Presiden Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the people of Iran – reserved for true friends.

Venezuela in South America and the Islamic Republic in the Muslim World see themselves as the two revolutionary models currently capable of standing up to the Western imperialism dominated by the Zionist Jews.

Since Ahmadinejad and Chavez rose to power, Venezuela and Islamic Republic has signed over 80 bilateral agreements. Venezuela along with Brazil has always supported Tehran’s civilian nuclear program.

In October 8, 2009, Jewish-own TIME magazine had fired a ‘smoking gun’: “Chavez to Iran: How about some Uranium?”. Tim Padgett, the writer talked like an Israeli parrot – quoting report put out by the Zionist entity, which considers Iran’s nuclear program a direct threat to its security, said Venezuela was already supplying Iran with uranium. But experts say it’s hardly certain Venezuela even has much, if any, uranium to provide Iran or anyone else.

In a joint meeting on Tuesday, Iran-Venezuela Presidents emphasized using all the capacities to increase two countries relations in various fields.

President Ahmadinejad also lauded the support made by his Venezuelan counterpart on illegal sanctions against Iran and said: “The logical and brotherly stand taken by Venezuela on condemnation of sanctions imposed by bullying powers against Iran shows the profound ties between the two countries.

The Venezuelan president said for his part that his country regards expansion of cooperation with Iran as a sacred issue. He added: “There exist ample untapped potentials in both sides which should be explored and implemented, underlined the Venezuelan president.

Referring to the current global situation, he said: “The independent states are of high potentials in various fields and if they were explored, the power of world nations will exceed multifold so that they can easily conquer imperialism.

Existing relations between Iran and Venezuela is very brotherly and consolidated, President Chavez said adding that Venezuela is determined to support Iran under any circumstances.

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