Is Hizbullah anti-Christians?

“Lebanese government cannot ask Hizbullah to disarm. Hizbullah is the defender of Lebanon,” General Michel Suleiman, the Christian President of Lebanon, March 2010. The previous Christian President of Lebanon (1998-2008) General Emile Lahoud had expressed similar views about Hizbullah.

Israel Hasbara (propaganda) Committee mafia have long been painting Lebanon’s Islamic Resistance Hizbullah as “anti-Semite” and “anti-Christian” movement. Saudi sectarian mafia calls the Resistance a “Shia” menace in order to keep the Muslim Ummah divided for the benefit of anti-Islam imperialist western powers and Israel.

Contrary to that if one study the history of Israel from some objective source – he will be surprised to find out that Israel is the least ‘Semite (Jewish)’ state than any neighboring Muslim Arab states. Israel has been using the so-called “Christian persecution” within Muslim countries to divert Christian West’s attention from Jewish pathetic treatment of Christian minority in the Occupied Palestine – which is no better than the persecution of Muslims in Israel.

In August 2010, when Al-Minar TV started broadcasting Iranian movie “The Christ (Al-Sayyid al-Masih)’ – the Israeli propaganda outlets such as ‘The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center’ called the movie “anti-Semite” and “anti-Christian”. In fact the movie portrayed Jesus (Isa) as Allah’s great prophet and his mother as “Virgin Mary”, but claimed as per Holy Qur’an that Jesus was not ‘Son of God’. The portrayal of Jesus is far better than what the Jewish holiest book Talmud says about Jesus and his mother Mary : “Jesus’ mother was a whore and had sex with many men – Sanhedrin 106a and Shabbath 104b (sic)”

Earlier in November 2003 – a similar Israeli propaganda lies were circulated against Syrian produced TV series “Al-Shatat (Exodus)” aired by Al-Minar – which mentioned the old Christian claim of “Blood Libel” against the Jews in Europe – claiming that Jews abducted Christian children and used their blood for Jewish religious rituals. The Christian allegations against Jews were proven recently by Israel historian Professor Ariel Toaff (Bar-IIan University) in his book “Pasque di Sangue (Bloody Passover)”.

The Jewish biblical story of ‘Exodus’ has been rejected by Rabbi David Wolpe in Los Angeles (reported by L.A. Times, 2001): “The truth is that virtually every modern archaeologist who has investigated the story of the Exodus, with very few exceptions, agrees that the way Bible describes the Exodus is not the way it happened, if it happened at all.”

Hizbullah, based on Shia Islam’s discipline and martyrdom, was established in the 1980s NOT to fight the Christian domination of Lebanon as result of French colonization – but to fight the Jewish occupation of South Lebanon and Israeli Christian collaborators Phalangists. When the Jewish army withdrew in 2000 – Hizbullah could have executed the Phalangist Christian leaders for treason against Lebanon – but it forgave them. Hizbullah never challenged the unfairness of the Saudi-brokered 1989 Taef Agreement, which awarded less parliament seats to Muslim majority (60%) and the Christian minority (40%). Nor it came to the help of Palestinian refugees’s (350,000) equal citizen rights living in Lebanon for decades – against Christian opposition.

Hizbullah, as a ‘Lebanese National Resistance’, judges other political groups and religious communities on the basis of their ‘patriotism’. It doesn’t like people and groups who project the interests of the US, France, Israel or Saudi Arabia.

A poll taken by Beirut Center for Research and Information after Hizbullah victory over Jewish Army during Summer 2006, showed 87% Lebanese Muslims and 80% Lebanese Christians supported Hizbullah.

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