Iran-Egypt Transport Agreement Irks US

Turkey, China, South Korea, Venezuela and Brazil are not the only countries being scrutinized for their on-going trade relations with the Islamic Republic while ignoring the US-sponsored ‘crippling sanctions’ against the Islamic Republic. The US-Israel-EU axis have rebuked its most important Arab ally in the Middle East (Egypt) for signing the recent Transport Agreement, worth US$1.37 billion.

Since 1978, when the former US President Jimmy Carter succeeded in blackmailing Egyptian dictator Anwar Sadat (1918-1981) to recognize the illegal Zionist entity in return for an annual USAID of $1.5 billion and a Nobel Prize (Israel receives USAID$6-14 billion per year) – Cairo along with Riyadh and Amman has been toeing US-Israel policies towards Islamic Iran, Lebanon and Palestinian Islamic Resistance, Hamas.

Salama A. Salam in his recent Ed-Op in Al-Ahram, titled Unlikely move wrote:

The aim of non- proliferation in the region (Middle East), if you care to know, is not to reduce the perils of nuclear weapons, but to maintain Israel’s superiority. Washington is doing all it can to defend Israel’s interests, and in return Israel polices the region on its behalf.

Egypt is not the only one toeing the American line on Iran. Washington has turned Gulf states into a depot for American weapons and ammunition. American bases in the Gulf are standing by to strike at Iran. And Washington keeps telling Gulf states that the peril to their security comes from Iran, not Israel.

This makes Egypt’s decision to sign an agreement on air transport with Iran a remarkable one. Egypt, it seems, has acted in defiance of US hegemony, which is only a thin veil for Israeli hegemony.

Recently, the US and the EU blocked a decision by the International Atomic Energy Agency to subject Israeli nuclear institutions to inspection. The move aborted Arab efforts to empty the region of all nuclear weapons.

Then came the matter of direct talks between the Palestinians and Israelis. After pushing so hard for these talks, the Americans made no effort to pressure Israel into extending the moratorium on settlements. Then the Arabs, at their useless summit in Sirte, Libya, told the Americans that they have one month to get the talks restarted. Now, take note. The Arabs are the ones pushing for talks, not the Americans.

I am no supporter of US- Israeli efforts to stop Iran from developing nuclear capabilities, and weapons even. The Iranians, I believe, are right to bolster their defences in the face of Israeli threats.

The Israelis have a history of attacking countries with potential nuclear programmes. And when Israel attacked Syria and Iraq, as it did in separate incidents, its actions had Washington’s tacit stamp of approval.

The Arabs are wrong to join the Americans and Israelis against Iran. For by doing so, they are wasting a valuable asset that may protect them from Israeli blackmail.

Some say that increased Iranian influence in Iraq, Lebanon and Gaza is a threat to Arab security. But why, I wonder, have the Arabs failed to seek an agreement for joint security and neighbourliness with Iran? Such a move could have curbed the foreign presence in the Gulf, an area that is now filled with military bases.

In Sirte, the Arab League’s secretary-general, Amr Moussa, proposed an agreement on neighbourliness, one that would have reduced tensions between Arab countries and their non-Arab neighbours. The leaders convened failed to endorse the proposal. Do you know why? Because of Iran. Now Israel has just declared itself a purely Jewish state, a move that undermines any hope for a normal life for its own Arab citizens. This didn’t worry the leaders meeting in Sirte, however. Iran did.

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