Turkey beyond Israeli Hasbara

Recently launched pro-Israel Jewish magazine TABLET in its October 18 editorial under the heading ‘Talking Turkey’ posted the usual Israel Hasbara (propaganda) lies about Turkey. It claimed that “America’s closet Muslim ally” has turned against the US. The editors did not ‘name’ the the American Jewish dual-citizens and pro-Israel neocons who are turning US-Turkey relations into US-Iran relations. However, they did notice, for a change, all the ‘bad’ things Erdogan’s government is carrying out domestically and internationally – which had been supported by Washington and Tel Aviv in the past six decades under pro-Israel Kemalist regimes. TABLET’s list of the ‘uncivilized’ actions of the AKP government include; “the brutal wars against the indigenous Kurdish population”; “denial of Armenian genocide”, carried out under the orders of Crypto-Jewish elite of Young Turk Movement, and blaming Jews for plotting against the elected government and “cozying up to Iran”, which was okey for Israel between 1949-1979 and “mockery of the country’s judicial system”, which happens to be controlled by pro-Israel Kemalist secularists.

The Editorial said: “Outside its territory, Turkey has given aid and cover to Iran’s nuclear ambitions while trying to assert its leadership over some of the most radical forces in the Middle East. Turkey launched a series of salvos at Israel, beginning with Erdogan’s furious verbal assault on Israeli President Shimon Peres in Davos and culminating in the Gaza flotilla martyrdom mission of the Mavi Marmara, which was planned and staffed by the IHH, a Turkish fundamentalist organization with close ties to Erdogan’s government.

The US has been giving aid including nuclear technology, money and cover to Israeli nuclear arsenal since 1960s. In addition to that Washington has given over US$1.6 trillion to Israel since 1970s plus US$3 billion annual military aid to Israel and has used more veto-power at UN Security Council to protect Israeli interests than the interests of the United State.

It’s Shimon Peres and not Recep Tayyip Erdogan who has been labeled as ‘war criminal’ by the antiwar activists in several European and non-European countries. Erdogan told Peres the truth which a 2003 EU survey said: Israel is the greatest threat to world peace. Jeffrey Blankfort in recent interview has repeated the same truth and has warned: “Should Israel find a way to attack Iran, the repercussions from that might be sufficient to send Israel on the road to what will ultimately be viewed as self-destruction”.

Turkey has been rocked by two TSK-Mossad terrorist plot, code name Balyoz (sledgehammer) against AKP government involving retired Gen. Cetin Dogan, Gen. Ibrahim Firtina and Gen. Ergin Saygun. A similar ealier plot to over-throw AKP government, Ergenekon involving Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), Mossad and US Embassy in Ankara is under investgation.

Kurdish dissident groups are infested with Jewish Kurds working as Israeli agents. There are over 50,000 Kurd Jews living in Israel. 30 senior executives of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), an important political organization, are Kurdish Jews.

Wayne Madison, an American investigative journalist and columnist, wrote in January 2009, titled, Israel hopes to colonize parts of Iraq as Greater Israel wrote:

“Israeli expansionists, their intentions to take full control of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and permanently keep the Golan Heights of Syria and expand into southern Lebanon already well known, also have their eyes on parts of Iraq considered part of a biblical “Greater Israel.”

Even if some ignorant believe the allegation that IHH, is a “fundamental organization with close ties to Erdogan’s government” – how the editors would explain the Jewish racist fundamental Israeli Shas Party’s members sitting in Knesset and forming alliance with Benji Netanyahu’s government? The spiritual leader and founder of Shas Party, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef recently called the non-Jews (Gentiles) “donkeys” who are created to “serve Jews”. In J2001, the Zionazi Rabbi called for the annihilation of Arabs.

In the end, though, the editors did acknowledged the great importance of the Zionist entity as a strategic Muslim ally:

“The transformation of Turkey from close military and strategic ally to bitter public enemy may be the most consequential blow Israel has sustained in the past decade: Unlike the Second Lebanon war, Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, or last summer’s flotilla incident, the recent shift in foreign relations is not just a public relations disaster but a fundamental change in the regional order, which has turned a powerful friend into a determined enemy”.

The term “enemy” is totally out of editors’ mass ignorance. Ankara still maintains diplomatic relations with Tel Aviv. However, Ankara do see the changing of the regional power landscape – from Washington to Tehran and its loss of support from the Muslim world as result of Turkey’s close relations with the US, Israel and NATO – all considered colonial powers in the world.

And finally, as part of Zionists’ FREEDOM OF PRESS motto, my comments on TABLET are always deleted

2 responses to “Turkey beyond Israeli Hasbara

  1. Rehmat, I was reading some articles about Syria’s relationship to Israel from STRATFOR which I believe has a decidedly NeoCon twist to it. They were saying that Syria was trying to reestablish itself in Lebanon (which probably is true) and was also trying to reign in Hezbollah as a political force by getting rid of Iran’s influence in the area.

    Basically, they were saying that Israel and Syria had some common interests.

    Would you elaborate on this?

  2. STARFOR is an Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) website. It’s run by an American Zionist Jew Dr. George Friedman.

    Syrian Baathist regime has always been anti-Islam pro-West. History proves that it cannot be trusted. However, Damascus has given asylum to Hamas’ leader Mesha’l and its support to Hizbullah to show USrael that they need it as a key-player to destroy both Islamic resistances, from within, fighting against the Zionist Jewish cancer in the Middle East. Damascus’ alliance with Tehran, on the other hand, is based on economic gains. Syria has received millions of dollars from the Islamic Republic.

    However, due to Hizbullah’s religious and nationalist background, it will always support the Islamic Republic and confront the military occupation of Syria.

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