Ed Miliband irks ‘British Friends of Israel’

On October 25, 2010 – Ed Miliband 40, became the youngest leader of Britain’s Labour Party. He closely defeated (50.65% vs 49.35%) his elder brother David Miliband, the nototiously pro-Israel former British Foreign Secretary in Gordon Brown’s government. David Milliband is listed as “Author” by Israel Hasbara Committee. Ed Miliband seems to be influenced by his mother, who is signatory of Jews for Justice for Palestinians. Ed Miliband is considered a close friend of the newly-appointed Labour Party’s Shadow Justice Secretary Sadiq Khan.

Ed Miliband in his speech at the Lobour Party conference said that Israel should lift the naval blockade of Gaza and that its attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, which killed nine Turkish aid activists, was “wrong.”

“There can be no solution without international action, providing support where it is needed, and pressure where it is right to do so,” he said in reference to bringing about a just and lasting solution to the Middle East conflict. Setting out to draw a line under some of the more unpopular decisions under the recent Labour governments, he also indicated that Britain should no longer be a puppet of the US, saying twice that foreign policy should be based on “our values, not just alliances”.

Ed said that Tony Blair’s Government was “wrong” to invade Iraq, making clear that the war should not have happened without clear United Nations backing, although he stopped short of a full apology.

Both the ‘Labour Friends of Israel’ and ‘Conservative Friends of Israel’ have called Ed Miliband’s rise to leadership as a bad omen for Israel. The Jewish Chronicle called him the “first Jewish leader” of the Labour Party. Both David and Ed were born to a Belgian Jewish immigrant Ralph Miliband and his Polish Jew wife Marion Kozak.

David Miliband had the backing of several Jewish MPs, including Liverpool Riverside’s Louise Ellman and Leeds North East MP Fabian Hamilton.

According to Israeli daily Ha’aretz, learning from the bad reputation Labour Party received during Tony Blair and Gordon Brown (son of a Zionist Christian preist) premierships for their blind support for Israel – Ed Miliband prefer to stay away from the touchy subject.

What surprised the Israel Lobby the most was that Ed Miliband, in his speech, did not touch the “most important issues” facing US-Israel, such as, Tehran’s civilian nuclear program, Hizbullah, Hamas and the STL’s coming investigation report on the assassination of former Lebanese Prime minister Rafik Hariri.

“The situation in London today is completely different. British Prime Minister David Cameron, ostensibly a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel, has already managed to anger the Israel lobby in the U.K. when he called Gaza a “concentration camp” during a visit to Ankara. He has also not yet followed through on his pledge to change the law that allows Israeli military officials to be handed indictments for war crimes as they touch down at Heathrow Airport in London,” wrote Anshel Pfeffer in Ha’aretz.

It would be interesting to watch how Ed Milibank would steer his Opposition party for the next election against a hostile Zionist-controlled British mainstream media and the current Prime Minister David Cameron and his Foreign Secretary William Hague’s blind support for the Zionist entity.


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