Obama and minority rights in India

India has put its 500,000 occupation army on high alert in the disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir and along Line of Control (LoC) with neighboring Pakistan ahead of Ben Obama’s coming visit to India on November 6-9.

Some naive Muslims believe that Ben Obama may discuss the the issues related to India’s promise of holding a plebiscite in the disputed territory (India-UN-Pakistan). How could they make such expectations from Obama who has already refused to dicuss the Sikh genocide (1984-98) and is not scheduled to visit Sikhism’s holiest place, The Golden Temple, in Amritsar – fearing that by wearing a Sikh turban he might remind the Jewish Lobby at home of his father being a Muslim from Kenya. Being a ‘Muslim’ is a very touchy issue for American politicians these days.

The top agenda during discussions between Ben Obama and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and later’s Congress Party boss, Sonia Gandhi, would be containment of China, Iranian nuclear program, Pakistan, India’s role in Afghanistan, India’s UNSC seat, Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline, terrorism (read Muslims though most of it’s carried by RAW-Mossad-CIA axis of evil in the region) et al.

On November 1, 2010 – Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh held talks with the Chinese Communist Party leader Zhou You Kang (No.10 in the party), saying: “When leaders of India and China shake hands, world look at them”. Manmohan told his Chinese guest his country’s grave concern on China-Pakistan nuclear co-operation.

Ben Obama is already under attack from powerful Jewish and Zionist lobby groups for not following Israeli agenda against the Islamic Republic, Pakistan, Turkey, Hizbullah and Hamas. He is at his lowest popularity ratings and if the Democrats lose the mid-term election – then Obama will become a lame-duck president seeking a successful outcome from his visit to India.

Futhermore, since the rule of Indira Gandhi (Congress Party) – New Delhi and Tel Aviv have been sharing the same bed when it comes to the Muslim rights. Indian writer and human-right activist Arundhati Roy in her interview with Canadian Jewish journalist Avram David Lewis (son of Ottawa’s former Ambassador in Washington, Stephen Lewis) told the India-Israel love affair.

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