Obama-Kerry on ‘Missiom Zion’ – Target Iran

Currently, both Ben Obama and John Kerry are on ‘Mission Zion’ to target the Islamic Republic through bribes, threats and lies. Ben Obama while addressing the Indian parliament on Monday – spoke about sanctions against Iran for the country’s nuclear program but not a single word about Israel’s 240-400 nuclear bombs. Interestingly, the main Opposition party, Bhartia Janata Party (BJP) which maintains a very relations with Zionist entity, was the first to react to Obama’s criticism of Iran by issuing a statement that BJP feels India-Iran relations are very important as Iran stands with India while most other Islamic countries are ‘opposed’ to it. Sitaram Yechury, leader of Indian Communist Party blasted Obama for his hypocrisy: “He (Obama) spoke on the rights of the people of Myanmar. We too have been demanding the release of jailed leader Aung San Suu Kyi. But the US President did not speak about the human rights of the Palestinian people or the ‘continued massacre’ of the Iraqi people,.”

The former defeated US Presidential candidate, John Kerry, who is in Turkey, said in Ankara on Tuesday that Turkey needs to restore his cordial relations with the Zionist entity if it is to play a crucial role in the Middle East peace negotiations. John Kerry, whose grandparents were Jewish, currently holds the Chair of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“It is important that Turkey and Israel renew relations and go back to the way they were,” Kerry told journalists.

John Kerry is due to meet Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to remind him how crucial Israeli support has become for Turkey to buy arms from the US since the pro-Israel and anti-Muslim Republican majority in the Congress.

On Wednesday, John Kerry is due to arrive in Israel where he is expected to hold talks with Shimon Peres – to build bridges between Turkey and Israel. Kerry is not hopeful of an encouraging response from Benji Netanyahu or Avidgor Lieberman, who have refused to apology to Turkish people for murdering in cold blood nine Turk aid workers on Free Gaza Flotilla on May 31, 2010.

John Kerry has warned the Islamic Republic that with the Democrats’ loss to resurgent ‘Israel-First’ Republicans in the midterm elections – the Congress would not be lenient towards Iran.

The House “perhaps will not be ready to provide Iran with the opportunities that this government has been ready to provide,” Kerry told a small group of journalists during a visit to Turkey.

John Kerry was in Lebanon on Moday where he held talks with Sa’ad Hariri covering US-Lebanon old relations, the incoming STL verdict and Hizbullah.

John Kerry also visited Damascus on monday and held talk with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, who while praised Ben Obama’s efforts to find solution to the Middle East conflicts – slammed the Zionist entity for not being sincere in peace in the Middle East. Obama had named Robert Ford as US ambassador to Syria in February 2010. However, his confirmation vote has been postpond due to the Jewish Lobby pressure on the lawmakers.

In Khartoum, John Kerry met with Sudanese Presidential adviser Ghazi Salaheddine and conveyed him Ben Obama administeration’s new conditional offer that if Khartoum promise to hold the coming referendum on South Sudan on schedule (January 9, 2011), Washington is willing to delete Sudan from its “terrorist list” as a goodwil gesture!

John Kerry also held talk with Ethopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi for his help on a peaceful division of Sudan, into Islamist North and USrael South, after the referendum.


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