Chechnya – The Israeli connection

Chechnya sides more with Turkey-Israel, though Tehran is still hoping to win it over. (In the crazy-quilt pattern of these matters, a leading Chechen figure, Khoj-Ahmed Noukhaev, has asserted that his sympathies are “with the small Jewish nation” against the Arabs; and Chechnya’s defense minister happens to be a Jordanian national and former military officer),” wrote one of the top Jewish Islamophobe Dr. Daniel Pipes in November 1998.

In October 2010 – the leader of the Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus (IEC), Emir Doku Abu Usman, had blamed foreign Zionists trying to divide Chechen resistance as they’re doing in Palestine, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Lebanon and other places.

One person whose name keeps popping up for sabotaging the Chechen resistance for his personal gains, is – Russian multi-billionaire Jewish media tycon and politician Boris Abramovich Berezovsky (born 1946), a critic of Russia’s ironman Vladmir Putin. Boris is wanted for arrest in both Russia and Brazil. Boris was a close friend of former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko, who was poisoned with a lethal dose of radioactive Polonium-210 in a London sushi bar. Russian author, Paul Klebnikov has called Boris Berezovsky “Godfather of the Kremlin” in his 2000 book by the same name. Currently, Boris is reportedly backing the exiled Chechen politician Ahmed Zakayev, currently living in Britain.

Boris, who also holds Israeli citizenship – had boasted that he “caused the war in Chechnya”. A war which has killed tens of thousands of innocent Muslim men, women and children and devastated the entire Muslim-majority country.

According to Israel’s noted writer, Uri Avnery, Boris was interested in the mineral resources and a prospective pipeline there. In order to achieve this he put an end to the peace agreement that gave the country some kind of independence. The oligarchs dismissed and destroyed Alexander Lebed, the popular general who engineered the agreement, and the war has been going on since then. In the end, there was a reaction: Vladimir Putin, the taciturn and tough ex-KGB operative, assumed power, took control of the media, put one of the oligarchs (Mikhail Khodorkovsky) in prison, caused the others to flee (Berezovsky is in England, Vladimir Gusinsky is in Israel, another, Mikhail Chernoy, is assumed to be hiding here).

“Since all the exploits of the oligarchs occurred in public, there is a danger that the affair might cause an increase in anti-Semitism in Russia. Indeed, the anti-Semites argue that these doings confirm the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, a document fabricated by the Russian secret police a century ago, purporting to reveal a Jewish conspiracy to control the world.

Moving from Russia to America – the same thing happened, of course, in the US, but more than a hundred years ago. At the time, the great “robber barons”, Morgan, Rockefeller at al., all of them good Christians, used very similar methods to acquire capital and power on a massive scale. Today, it works in far more refined ways.

In the present election campaign, the candidates collect hundreds of millions of dollars. George W. Bush and John Kerry both brag about their talent for raising enormous sums of money. From whom? From pensioners? From the mythical “old lady in tennis shoes”? Of course not, but from the cabals of billionaires, the giant corporations and powerful lobbies (arms dealers, Jewish organiztions, doctors, lawyers and such). Many of them give money to both candidates – just to be on the safe side,” wrote Uri Avnery in August 2004.

Boris Berezovsky fled to Britain from Russia in 2000 and was granted political asylum in 2003. Today he mixes in the highest echelons of the UK society and lives in a 172-acre Surrey estate he bought for £10million from radio DJ Chris Evans. He also maintains his second residence in Israel.

The Indian political activist and writer Feroze Mithiborwala in his April 2010 article, published at – had claimed that most of the so-called ‘terrorist operations’ in Russia are being carried out by CIA-Saudi-Mossad axis of evil to demonize Muslims and isolate Russia from the Muslim world especially the Islamic Republic and Syria.


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