Uri Avnery: Free-elections, not Iran – dangerous for Israel

A recent article by the German-Israeli Jewish columnist, human-rights activist and former member of Jewish terrorist militia Irgun and Knesset MP, Uri Avnery (born 1923), title Islam is the Solution happens to be as much misleading as Zionists’ definition of anti-Semitism.

After making fun of Wikileaks (he doesn’t believe that Israel is behind the documents which are based on Israeli propaganda lies with a little sprinkle of truth), Turkey’s abandoning Ataturk and his great westernization (by electing Islamist AKP), Yassar Arafat, PLO, Christians’ part in resistance against the Jewish occupation of Palestine, Islamist Hamas and Hizbullah Islamic Revolution (Iran), Dr. Ahmadinejad (whom he calls “Iranian Hitler” who is on verge of obtaining a nuclear bomb) and Egypt’s fraud election which did not allow any Islamist candidate to win (praised by US media) – Uri comes to the conclusion: “All over the Arab, this is a real dilemma. Free elections would bring fundamentalists (Islamists) to power“.

Uri painfully admits that secular-nationalism (Arabism, Zionism, etc.) has delivered no real independence, no freedom, no economic and technological breakthrough. However, he boasts that while the Arab countries have totally failed in economic sphere – “The successful Israeli example is near at hand and increases the frustration”. Naturally, Uri prefer not to mention the US, German, British and Swiss contributions of over US$4 trillion to Israeli economy. Furthermore, Israeli daily Ha’aretz had reported on January 23, 2006: “More than 1 in 3 Israeli children live in poverty“.

“Almost all Arab countries are backward American clients and dance to the American tune. A whole generation of Arab leaders has spectacularly failed,” wrote Uri. But, he doesn’t like to give the reason behind this pathetic situation – which David Ben Gurion had called “Israel’s first defence” against Islamic forces.

“The rise of Hamas in Palestine is a direct result of this failure. Secular Palestinian nationalism has been given a try, and has failed. The Islamic revolutionaries are appealing to a people deprived of all national and human rights, with no alternative in sight,” wrote Uri.

“The Sunni Hamas (“Islamic Resistance Movement”) and the Shiite Hezbollah (“Party of God”) are becoming the models for masses of young people all over the Arab world,” admits Uri.

Personally, I don’t see any wrong with being an Islamist, if it helps in the betterment of the community, country or the Muslim Ummah. After-all, such actions are expected from the true Believers by the Creator (Allah). However, one doesn’t have to be an ‘Islamist’ to recognize “Islam is the Solution”. In fact it is people like Lauren Booth or Kevin Barrett PhD or former NATO’s director of information Dr. Murad Wilffried Hofmann or Malcolm X and others, born Jews or Christians, who are proving that truth.

At the end of his article, Uri Avnery is not ashamed to admit: “If I were responsible for Israel at this moment, I would worry about this (rise of Islamic leadership in Israeli neighborhood) much more than about the Iranian bomb“.


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